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Bowling Night, Billionaires, and the Shawnee Car Line

This weeks show was hosted by Austin Wheeler and Ali Reid. Chris Giuseppini promoted the Shawnee TV bowling night and asked Shawnee students what they would do with a billion dollars. Jacob Lechner interviewed some drivers waiting to leave Shawnee.
06 Dec 2013
Thanksgiving Break, Blue & White Night, and the Blue Corner

This weeks show was hosted by Kelsey Haines and Emma Smith. Sam Mitchell recapped Blue and White Night and talked to Jacob in the first edition of "In the Blue Corner"
02 Dec 2013
Library PSA, What's Up Shawnee, Speed Script, and Home Coming Promo!!

This weeks show was yet again a great and fun success!! Sam Mitchell and Sean Herb produced a wonderfully shot PSA about the library. Sam Mitchell also produced another What's Up Shawnee on Lunch in school. Sean Scanell and Colin Spur produced another Speed Script and Austin Marsdale produced an awesome Homecoming Dance promo. Thanks to all of the producers this week as well as all of our viewer for making this show awesome!!
22 Nov 2013
Robinhood, No-Shave November, and Your Favorite Movie

Today's show was hosted by Robinhood and Sheriff Nottingham. It featured a promo for Shawnee's Winter play, The Somewhat True Tale of Robinhood. Sam Mitchell asked around Shawnee about No Shave November, and Brandon Harris asked Shawnee their favorite movies.
15 Nov 2013
Question of the Week, Awkward Interviews Encore, Blue and White Night Shave Off, and more!

This weeks show was awesome!! With only 2 days of production time, we pulled off an awesome Renegade Morning Show on a Wednesday! Chris Giuseppini and David Hammity produced another Question of the Week, Eric Biehn and Veronica Robertson produced a funny segment about friends, Austin Marsdale and Kyle Snowden produced the famous Awkward Interviews, Dylan Tollefson produced the photo club fundraiser promo for Coneheads, and Braeden Yoncak showcased his music for our intro!!
06 Nov 2013
Halloween Show 2013

This Thursday's Shawnee Wake Up got a spooky makeover for Halloween. Chris G. and Christy Osler hosted while Sam Mitchell and Ali Reid hung out in the hallway and talked to some of Shawnee's ghosts and goblins. Today's show was also packed with some spooky halloween segments.
31 Oct 2013
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