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RMS 10-9-14 Keyboards, Don't Be Dan Two Per Van, Wingbowl Hype, and Respect

This Week's Show is hosted by Hunter Smith and Katie Carr

First off we have a very interesting opener that makes the mind wonder. Our first segment is about the suggestive keyboard in ios8 provided by Dylan Tollefson and Nadiv Steinberg. Up next is another Photos of the Week. Afterwards, we have a segment about safe driving courtesy of David Hamaty, Madison LaPlante, and Dan Moral. Then, we get hyped up with a segment promoting the wingbowl by Ben Longjohn. Lastly, We have a message about Respect from Grace Gibson. Our closer is a reminder about Shawnee Marching Band.

Special thanks to Alex Day Dftba Records for his use of the song Good Morning Sunshine in this week's Photo's of the Week.
17 Oct 2014
RMS_10-3-14 Back To School Night and Frosh Quest!

This weeks Show was hosted by Emma Smith and Austin Marsdale.

We opened our show with a scenic farm opener courtesy of Sean Scannell. Next, Kaite Carr and Justin O'Donnell showed us some parent messages to their kids in a tour of back to school night. After, we looked at one freshman's journey to discover the perfect club in Frosh Quest. Lastly, Austin Marsdale made us another Adult Swim Closer about Kangaroos. Kangaroos are dope.
03 Oct 2014
RMS-9_26_14 School Spirit!

This Weeks Show was hosted by Justin Boswick and Veronica Robertson.

First, Matt Carpenter and Zach Meyer gave us a cool time lapse of the bleachers filling up for the pep rally. Next, Justin O'Donnell pumped up our school spirit with a segment about the Pep Rally and first home opener. Then, Marsdale updated us of the next football game. Last, Justin Boswick made us a cool hyperlapse of the entire pep rally. Go Gades!
26 Sep 2014
RMS 9-19-14 Football, History, and More Football

This Weeks Show was hosted by Madison LaPlante and Sean Scannell.

First off, we started with another hyperlapse from Mr. H, truly cool. Next off Jack Bisbee, Dan Boyle, and Jimmy Freas gave us an awesome highlight recap of Shawnee Football's first game. Then, we learned a little about what happened today, years ago. Lastly, Marsdale got us pumped again with another Gameday segment for the Renegades first home game. Best of luck to the team.
19 Sep 2014
RMS 9/12/14 More Frosh Fest, Passwords, ShawneeTV, and GAME DAY!

Our second show this season was hosted by David Hamaty and Katie Carr.

This week's show started off with a hyperlapse by Mr. Hochenberger, it was pretty neat. Afterwards Justin Boswick talked to some of our new students during Freshman Orientation. Tovly informed us about the safety of our passwords, and offered a easy solution to protect our info. Justin O'Donnell asked around and found out what ShawneeTV is. Finally, Austin Marsdale got really excited about Shawnee's first football game against Williamstown. Best of luck to our team!
12 Sep 2014
RMS 9-5-14 Welcome Back To Season 14!

The Renegade Morning Show is back for it's fourteenth season! Our first show this year was hosted by Kelsey Haines and Austin Marsdale.

Austin Marsdale looked back at his summer to start off our show. Justin O'Donnell gave us an exciting recap of this year's Frosh Festival. Veronica Robertson topped off our show this week with her stop motion video.

We here at ShawneeTV look forward to continuing to bring you funny, creative, and informative content for the 2014-2015 school year.
05 Sep 2014
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