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Anthony Canale
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05 Dec 2005
This week's show was hosted by Brad Woodend and Craig Schwait. The opening was a spin-off of the OC and a special guest was brought on live to promote the photo show next Wednesday. Kelly Jones also hit the hallway to see what people would be having for lunch since Friday was a half day.
02 Dec 2005
Last year's seniors return
The short week made for a perfect opportunity to bring back last year's all-star cast. Wednesday's show was hosted by Chris White, Tori Panetta, Dana Spera, JJ Horigan, and Stephen Pilch. The show's opening followed JJ and Steve around as they tried to get to the studio without being mobbed by fans. The show also included a commercial for the school store as well as a wrap-up of the homecoming dance. Click here to watch now!
28 Nov 2005
This week's Morning Show was hosted by Kyle Grzeszczak (Boy's Soccer captain) and Brad Woodend (football player), both promoting their respective teams. The show also featured can drive information, lunch with Liz Roman, a Homecoming Dance commercial, and a "So You Think You Can Dance?" opening by Kelly Jones. The end of the show showed footage from the Marching Band's championship win at Giants Stadium. Click here to watch the show.
18 Nov 2005
First and second ever broadcasts
Take a look at a piece of history: the first ever Renegade Morning show is now online from December 2001, and the second show that aired in January.
16 Nov 2005
Friday's show featured Liz Roman and Kelly Jones as hosts, with a Law and Order opening by Will Milar and a Halloween wrap-up. Click here to watch the show!
04 Nov 2005
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