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Valentine's Day wrap-up
Friday's show had a Valentine opening and closing with the show hosted by Brad Woodend and CJ Brittingham. Brad also covered sports with an Olympic update and investigated the location of Norway with history teacher Mr. Mann. Watch the show here!
20 Feb 2006
A New Desoto Jones
This week's show was hosted by first time hosts Candace Rush and Jenna Kedersha. The show opened with a performance by a Desoto Jones cover band, included some tips for Valentine's day, and closed with a music video of the real Desoto Jones in action. Click here to watch the show!
10 Feb 2006
Super Bowl Special
Friday's show was hosted by Senior Brad Woodend and Sophomore Craig Schwait. The show opened with a Super Bowl opening created by producer Greg Lewis, a Wing Bowl commercial was created by Ian Vogelsong, and a music video by Thunderkatz (who will be playing on February 10th with Desoto Jones).

Click here to watch the show now!
03 Feb 2006
Cotillion, Weather Crew, Lunch Tricks
January 20th's Morning Show featured Kelly Jones and Brad Woodend as hosts. The opening and mid-term lunch quiz were created by Kevin Melfi, and the RMS Weather Crew was created by Alex Bradford, JP Bonner, and Craig Schwait.

Click here to watch the show. As always, each Morning Show is available on our RMS podcast (viewable on your iPod or computer in high-quality). Click the iTunes button to the left side of your screen to subscribe.
25 Jan 2006
Take 2
After a less-than-perfect episode of the Renegade Morning Show on Friday, students from the 3rd period TV II class re-recorded the show for online airing. Segments included a promo for Sophomore Cottilion, an opening with students and teachers getting on their dance moves, and co-host Nick Tama with Craig Schwait.

Click here to watch now!
16 Jan 2006
New Years Resolutions
Friday morning's show was hosted by Senior Ian Vogelsong and "Super-Senior" Alex Swift. Our opening frame-by-frame animation was created by Alyssa Marsdale and Ben Rebecca. The broadcast also featured 2006 resolutions from students and teachers of Shawnee High and included a sports report with Brad Woodend.

Click here to watch now!
07 Jan 2006
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