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Pre-Game Spirit Week
This show got Shawnee pepped for the Spirit Week Pep-Rally! Mike Hammelef and Jamie Toll made the opening of spirit week practice, while Steve Jones, Adam Zweibaum and Tyler Coskery went around the town asking if people had their Shawnee Spirit on. Hosts Alyssa Marsdale and Jamie Toll showed their spirit by waving their pom-poms. Watch !
15 Oct 2007
Shawnee Sports
Today's show featured two sports segments by Jamie Toll, and by Mike Harriett and CJ Kelchner. Mike Hammelef and Dan Kent hosted, with special guest speakers Alex Bradford, who informed students about Homecoming preparations, and Reahina and Ally, who spoke of GSA issues. Setfan Haller made a collage of student life as an opening.
Watch !
05 Oct 2007
Wednesday Show?
The first Wednesday edition of the Renegade Morning Show featured hosts Alex Bradford and Alyssa Marsdale. A High School Musical spoof, by Steve Jones and Steve Mathis, opened the show, Fall Sports was added by Jessica Connors and a special Phillies closing was prepared by Alex Bradford and Ethan Lechner. Watch !
04 Oct 2007
Changes to the set?
Craig Schwait and Stephanie Albano host this edition of the RMS featuring a time lapse opening, a BRIEF announcement from Mrs. Murphy and a re-run of the Spirit Week Games video.
Watch !
01 Oct 2007
LDTV Marc makes a cameo...
Mike Hammelef and Lauren Trump host this post-football game show featuring an opening from Becca Sims, sports from Alyssa Marsdale, and an introduction to the Spirit Week games by Brandon Manni. Marc Sonsini, the voice of LDTV lent both his voice and likeness to ensure another quality show. Watch !
21 Sep 2007
They're Really Moving!
Watch this time lapse of sod being put down outside the TV Studio. Footage taken from the roof above the studio on 9-20-07.
21 Sep 2007
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