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RMS | Renegames, Fears, and the Addam's Family

This week's show was hosted by David Hamaty and Madison LaPlante.

We started off our show this week with a cool polaroid themed opener from Blair Brinster. Next, we took it to a recap of last week's annual Renegames by Justin O'Donnell. Congratulations again to our seniors, the Class of 2015! The five second interview gang had a hard time finding out what Shawnee's greatest fears were, it was still funny though. Talon Lauriello and Robert Wagner gave us a feature on this year's Spring Show, the Addam's Family, it's shaping up to be a great production!

Have a spiffy weekend Renegades!
15 May 2015
RMS | Post 2015 LDTV Awards Show

ShawneeTV was in attendance at the 20th annual LDTV awards last night. The renegades won four out of the seven Best of District awards, including Best Morning Show, which ShawneeTV won for it's ninth year in a row. We are proud to be surrounded by such fantastic talent, and we want to congratulate everybody who won an award.

This week's show was hosted by Austin Marsdale and Justin O'Donnell.

We started off our show this week with a montage of some of our best moments from season 14 so far. With Mother's Day quickly approaching, Veronica Robertson took to the halls to see what our renegades have in store for their mothers. Renegames happened today, Austin Marsdale created a promo to help get our renegades hyped and ready to compete and have fun.

Have a fun and safe prom weekend seniors!
08 May 2015
RMS | Mr. Shawnee and More Longjohn Questions

This weeks show was hosted by Zach Meyer and Kelsey Haines.
Starting our show was a cool new graphic opener by Matt Mathis.
Our first segment was a recap of Shawnee High School's Annual Mr. Shawnee, congratulations to David Thomas for winning. To end our show we had Ben Longjohn come back for round two of his tricky questions.
Thanks for watching and have a great and safe weekend Renegades!
01 May 2015
RMS | Mr. Shawnee and Karing for Katie

This week's show was hosted by Veronica Robertson and Katie Carr.

We started off our show this week with another motivational graphic by Sean Scannell. Next, Dylan Tollefson and Cody Steinberg brought us a funny skit about next week's high anticipated Mr. Shawnee. Kelsey Haines featured the Karing for Katie campaign by Shawnee's lacrosse team. Austin Marsdale joined in on the hype for Mr. Shawnee, and conducted some awkward interviews with this year's contestants.

Have an awesome weekend Renegades!
24 Apr 2015
RMS | Tough Questions and Shawnee Geographic

This week's show was hosted by Austin Marsdale and Kelsey Haines.

Veronica Robertson started up our show this week with another edition of Photos of The Week, covering Shawnee's Got Talent... Ben Longjohn took to the halls to confuse class-goers with some confusing questions. Next Dylan Tollefsen and Cody Steinberg explored the beautiful pines of Medford, NJ, and discovered many exotic and rare animals.

Have a great weekend Renegades!
17 Apr 2015
RMS I Return from Disney and Shawnee's Got Talent

This week's show was hosted by Zach Fields and Olivia Vitagliano.

Tovly Deutsch started off our show this week with a cool shot from his documentary 'Stress Fracture'. Next, Justin O'Donnell gave us a recap of all of our amazingly talented students at last night's annual Shawnee's Got Talent. The Class of 2015 had an amazing time at Disney. Over the course of the trip, students submitted photos and videos of their moments and memories. Katie Carr collaborated this footage into a nice montage for the show. Austin Marsdale brought his GoPro along and captured his own adventures in Disney.

Have an awesome spring break renegades!
02 Apr 2015
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