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Whats Your New Year Resolution?
The first Morning Show of 2008 featured a Fresh Prince opening produced by TV Tech 2 students. Craig Schwait and Alex Bradford hosted for the first time on our newly designed set. The show closed with New Years Resolution segment by Alyssa Marsdale. Click to view.
04 Jan 2008
7 Year Anniversary, Holiday Show
This episode marked the 7th anniversary of the Renegade Morning Show. Alex Bradford and Craig Schwait hosted with the holiday spirit. Our classic SNL opening kicked off the show, Mike Hammelef created the Lights segment, and Alyssa Marsdale captured the Shawnee Family wishing a Happy Holiday to all! Click to view.
21 Dec 2007
Mr. Bookwalter, the Brady's and a little bit SADD
Stephanie Albano and Adam Zweibaum hosted this Wednesday edition of the RMS. The show opened with a very Brady opening made by Alyssa Rizzitello and Ryan McLaughlin while Steph Albano produced the swim team promo closing. Mr. Bookwalter stopped by with a video to discuss harassment in the school. Look carefully and maybe you can see a young (and blurry) John Donaldson, director of television services in the Marc Sonsini produced video. Click to view.
19 Dec 2007
Holiday Spirit Starts Here
Jaime Toll and Mike Hammelef hosted this edition of the Morning Show. It featured an opening by Alyssa Marsdale showing the Shawnee Holiday Spirit. Another school store segment by Garrett Foster and Chris Halliwell and the boy's swim team presented the school with a trophy during the show. Finally, a boy's basketball promo closed the show. Watch Now!
17 Dec 2007
New Photos.. a little past due
These are pictures from an LDTV Sports shoot. This game was the girls field hockey Tournament of Champions game from TCNJ. Click to view.
13 Dec 2007
The First Re-Run
Survivor, created by Gwen Sparkman and Emily Mazzio, opened today's show, while Alex Bradford and Steph Albano hosted. For the first time this year, we re-ran a school store segment. A promo for the Amnesty International Coffee House, produced by Tara Kelly, closed the show. Watch Now!
12 Dec 2007
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