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Superbowl XLII
The big news on today's show was Superbowl XLII! Hosts Alex Bradford and Tara Kelly showed their support for their respective teams by not only creating the Superbowl themed opening, but also by wearing their team's jerseys. FCA produced a commercial for the upcoming district wide showdown. Finally, the Groundhog's Day closing was produced by Steve Jones and Tyler Coskery. Click to view.
01 Feb 2008
End Zone Fashion
Today's show opened with an exciting montage of clips from the End Zone Fashion show last Friday. Hosts Steph Albano and Craig Schwait talked about the new renegade logo in the gym, and showed us some new possible designs. The show wrapped up with some End Zone Club interviews at the fashion show with Craig Schwait.Click to view.
30 Jan 2008
Happy Birthday Mr. Belville
Today's show was dedicated to Mr. Belville, a science teacher at Shawnee, in honor of his 30th birthday. Hosts Craig Scwait and Steph Albano wore birthday atire and Steph produced a special segment congratulating Mr. Belville. Dan Kent and Ryan Pretti made the "MADE" opening and Lauren Trump produced a "Feed the Children" closing. Click to view.
18 Jan 2008
A Little Morning Show for Everyone
Jen Russo and Adam Zweibaum hosted today's show that featured another temporary set change. Tyler Birson created the iPod nano opening that gave a little Morning Show to everyone. A girls basetball promo was produced by Steve Mathis, as well as the closing that showed the upset that raged through Shawnee at the sight of no snow. Click to view.
16 Jan 2008
This special McNugget's edition of the Morning Show was hosted by Steph Albano and Steve Leacock. Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive opened today's show, and a Mcnuggets School Store segment was shown. A Chorus closing wrapped up the show. Click to view.
14 Jan 2008
First Wednesday in '08
This episode opened with Craig's Creek, made by Steph Albano, and featured hosts, Tara Kelly and Tyler Coskery. Stefan Haller edited a basketball promo and Brandon Warech made a promotional video for the Animal Welfare Club. Click to view.
09 Jan 2008
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