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The end of an era.
This was Mr. Cappello's last Renegade Morning Show. Alex Bradford and Mike Hammelef host this special show from the mysterious Studio C. Mr. Campbell, Craig Schwait, Stef Albano, and Mr. Harris all stop by to say hello.
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17 Jun 2008
ShawneeTV at the 2008 LDTV Awards
Shawnee had another successful year at the 13th Annual LDTV Awards. In the Best of District category, Shawnee won for Best News Show, Best Series, and Best Technical Achievement.
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11 Jun 2008
In the new... out with the old.
Studio 3.0 - Today the Shawnee TV students began the rebuild of the all new studio for 2008-2009. The new studio will feature a VT[5] for switching and graphics and new flat screen teleprompters. Also, both studio A and studio B will be fully loaded for production with new lights, microphones and tripods. Be sure to notice the change in advisors as well as Mr. Cappello begins with the kids and steps aside for replacement, Mr. Pistone.
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11 Jun 2008
Short Sweet Recap
On this Edition of the Renegade Morning Show we aired 3 recap segments of the Renegade Morning Show. There were only two announcements and a Heat Advisory Warning was issued to all District Schools. Host were Steve Leacock and Steph Albano. Click to view.
09 Jun 2008
Will you.... watch?
This special episode of the Renegade Morning Show featured hosts Stephen J. Leacock and Alyssa Marsdale. There were no awkward moments at all. sarcasm. Click to view.
05 Jun 2008
Year's Winding Down only 3 Show Remaining
On this edition of the Renegade Morning Show we opened with short name search scrable produced by Chris Altum, Sandesh Dev and Roy Byrd. Later on in the show we cut to a segment showing clips from LDTV Sports featuring previous anouncers to promo the LDTV anouncer auditions. The show closed with a Drug PSA produced by Steve Mathis, Adam Krvekoski, and Sean Crowely. Hosts were seniors Craig Schwait and Steph Albano. Click to view.
04 Jun 2008
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