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Teacher-Con '08
On this edition of the Renegade Morning Show, long time host Lauren Mathis co-anchored with freshmen Kara Tabor. Ryan Fitzgerald and Brody Norman interviewed faculty and students about what they would be doing over their four day weekend, while Steve Leacock and Kyle Smith created the closing that showed off Teacher-Con '08!

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05 Nov 2008
Halloween Marathon Extravaganza!!!
The Shawnee Halloween Parade kicked off today's festivities. Amanda Martin and Kyle Smith hosted in the studio while Steve Leacock and Ethan Lechner interview students decked out for the parade. Kyle Smith, Jake Albano and Amanda Martin produced the opening for todays show. The Blair Witch segment was produced by Kyle Smith and the Red House was produced by Sean Crowley. Brandon Manni directed this complex shoot.

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31 Oct 2008
Student Faculty Basketball Game!!!
Guest hosts Mr. Lamberson and J.D. Flanagin promote (and trash talk to each other) the Student Faculty Basketball Game tonight. Steve Leacock and Kyle Smith produced the 3 promo segments. Awesome work!

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22 Oct 2008
Crash, but not burn...
Our studio computer crashed right before the show, making the crew scramble to get the show off the ground. The computer was reconfigured and everything ran, except for graphics. Amanda Martin gave Steve Leacock a hair-gel-bath. Ryan Fitzgerald and Adam Krvekowski produced the Faculty Basketball opening. Brandon Manni produced the Shawnee Football segment and Steve Leacock produced the Violence Awareness closing.

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17 Oct 2008
The last Wednesday Renegade Morning Show
Todays show started with a motion graphic opening by Steve Mathis. Tyler Adams and Kara Tabor host for their first time. Amanda Martin speaks for FCCLA. Adam Krvekowski cut together a field hockey segment for a closing in (literally) 30 seconds this morning. Next week starts a daily morning show called "The Shawnee Wake Up" and Friday will continue to be "The Renegade Morning Show." We're doing a scaled down show daily and will focus on segments and graphics on Fridays.

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15 Oct 2008
Best show this year, thus far...
Soccer opening, Frosh-a-palooza wrap up, music video footbal promo. Ryan Fitzgerald makes his RMS host debut along with veteran Tara Kelly. Watch out for Spiderman and the Chicken!

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08 Oct 2008
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