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Shawnee TV Talent Try Out
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Try outs will be held 2 days this year to qualify for being on camera for our shows. You will be videotaped while reading the teleprompter on our Wake Up! set. Judges will critique your performance and passing scores will put you into the rotation for Shawnee TV shows!
04 Oct 2011
This I Believe Music Video
Today's show was hosted by the fabulous Andy Kirkwood and Tanner Fuimaono. Chris Biehn interviewed Alexis Martin for his new segment Shawnee Superstars. A new senior is chosen every two weeks for their incredible accomplishments all throughout high school. The Communication Technology 3 Class along with Mr. Steve Nemeth produced a music video titled, "This I Believe." The inspiration was taken from Shawnee High School's "One Book, One School" Program and the book by Nation Public Radio Producer, Dan Gediman. Featured in the trio is Connor Heine on piano and Mr. Brian Pistone on drums. We ran a Blue Crew promo for Blue Fest and also started up a new segment, fact of the week.

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30 Sep 2011
Sick Shots
Brandon Harris, Colin White, and Braden Yoncack produced today's sick shots segment. Who would've known that our tech guys had awesome basketball skills! The show was hosted by Ali Ried and Gabe Gullob.The opening of the show time lapse was produced by Chris Giuseppini. Shawnee Tv goes global with our world traveler, Chris Biehn, when he takes us to the old capitol of the vikings in Scandinavia and St. Petersburg in Russia. Shawnee Tv had a chance to speak with Peter Root, the director of the last X-men movie, about his job. He certainly inspired many Tv Tech students to keep producing and working hard. Finally Lauren Carr asks Shawnee High School who their favorite teacher is this year.

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23 Sep 2011
Season 11 Opening Show!
Welcome back to a new season of Shawnee Tv! In the first show ever of Season 11, Kara Tabor and Andy Kirkwood hosted. The show opened up with a segment produced by Connor Heine and Brody Miller that gave an inside view of what happens behind the scenes on the show after the mics shut off. Then came The Shawnee Tv Big Bang produced by Lauren Mathis. Mr. Pistone produced a touching segment based on Shawnee's summer reading book, This I Believe. This I Believe will be a daily segment produced at Shawnee stating what Shawnee teachers and students believe. If you want to state what you believe, text or email us at We also had a segment on what the Freshman were most excited about for this year. It was a great show and a great start to the 2011-2012 school year.

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16 Sep 2011
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01 Sep 2011
Senior Show for the Class of 2011!
Even though it may be a Thursday, the Morning Show still had a hit show! Besides. us seniors need to sleep in tomorrow for graduation practice! Lauren Mathis and Melissa Storm opened the show with an awesome recreation of "The Big Bang Theory" intro, spanning all of the Morning Show's history! Afterwards, Ryan Fitzgerald and Brett Yoncak produced a third episode of the Ryan + Brett Show! After that segment, the TV Tech Seniors came onto the set and gave some honest advice to the underclassmen! Finally, Ryan Snowden closed the show with some funny credits! Thanks for a great year guys, and enjoy the future after Shawnee!

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16 Jun 2011
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