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Art Show, Speed Script, and LDTV Award Drama
This week, Sam Mitchell takes us behind the scenes of the Shawnee Art Show. Sean Scannell and Colin Spaur test our writing skills once again with another edition of Shawnee Speed Script. And Zach McHale and Connor Heine lament after the LDTV awards.

17 May 2013
LDTV Awards and Renegames!
On this edition of the Lenape District's BEST morning show, we start off with a recap of Renegames last week. Then we take it to a prom recap produced by Gabi Flamini. Then we take it to a boy's tennis promo. Finally, we take it to the award winning highlight reel for 2013.

10 May 2013
Renegames 2013!
This week, we start off with another episode of speed script, followed by a BMX Biking segment produced by Austin Beatty with music produced by our very own Mr. Pistone. Next, we take it to a Senior Day of Service segment produced by Gabi Flamini. Then we take it to a No Place for Hate segment produced by Chris Biehn. Then we check out what the seniors did on senior trip in a segment produced by Tanner Fuimaono. Finally, we take it to a school store segment featuring Connor and Zach
06 May 2013
Take Your Child to Work Day!
This week, the kids from Take Your Child to Work day welcomed everyone to the show. Brad Teske hosted alongside Austin Wheeler, who made his debut. Brett Michaud kicks us off with an a new segment, "Movies of the Year." Then we see what the seniors are doing in Disney World while on Senior Trip. Next we take it to a Choir promo produced by Gabi Flamini. Finally, we close the show with a segment Brandon and Sam produced about stuff they've been doing around the school.

26 Apr 2013
Mr. Shawnee, First Memories, and the Best of Shawnee TV
This week, we start of with a fresh edition of Photos of the Week. Then we take it to another Slo-Mo Iced Tea Promo for the Shawnee TV Iced Tea fundraiser. Next we take it to a recap of last night's Mr. Shawnee, another question of the week, and finally, we show the best clips of Season 12!

22 Apr 2013
Sam Mitchell, Speed Script, and Spring Break
Sam Mitchell and Ali Reid host the first show after Spring Break. This week's show features Brandon Harris and Sam Mitchell's trip to Columbus Flee Market, a slow motion iced tea promo produced by Jacob Lechner, and an inside look on Shawnee TV itself produced by Sam Mitchell. We also have another Shawnee Speed Script, and Ryan Wilson takes to the hallways and asks students what they did over spring break.

Basically, a lot of stuff.

12 Apr 2013
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