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Picture Day, College Loans, and Friday the 13th

This week's show was hosted by Kelsey Haines and Justin Boswick. We got a look at how Brandon's Friday the 13th went. Chris G. asked some students and teachers around Shawnee about the rising College Loans. And we saw how picture day can go either really great, or not well at all.
13 Sep 2013
The First Show of 2013

The Renegade Morning Show is back with season 13. This week's show was hosted by Cory Smith and Ali Reid. There was a promo for the 13th season of Shawnee TV, and we took cameras to Freshman Orientation and interviewed some incoming freshman.

Enjoy the Show!
06 Sep 2013
One Last Show
Finally! The end of the year is here and graduation is upon us! This week, all of the ShawneeTV Seniors host the final show of the year! We started off with a Speed Script Season Recap, then we take it to a This is Shawnee Finale, and Finally, we end the year with a segment on the importance of story telling. Have a fantastic summer!

14 Jun 2013
An Awkward Victory...
This week's show was hosted by Braden Yoncak and Chris Giuseppini. The show starts off with the last episode of Shawnee Speed Script of the Year! Then Austin Marsdale and his crew had some pretty awkward interviews at the Art Show. Then we took a look at the Shawnee Singers and Shawnee Girls Ensemble recent trip.

07 Jun 2013
Show with Lenape?
Well, this week it looks like Lenape hacked our feed and took over half of our show. However, the show was still fantastic! On this syndicated episode of the Renegade/Lenape Morning Show, we started off with a Lenape Morning Show original, Homeroom of the Week. Next we take it to an all new Speed Script, in this episode students from Lenape came to compete. Lenape student, Matthew McGrorty ends up taking home that beautiful certificate. Then This is ShawneeTV and LenapeTV Reality Show compete to see who's the best. Finally we take it to a special Lenape/Shawnee edition of Photo of the Week!

31 May 2013
The Scoop
This week, we start off with an art show recap. Next, we take it to a special art show edition of photo of the week. Then we take it to an all new segment, Shawnee Scoop. Finally, we check out, a site designed to help single students find their true love.

24 May 2013
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