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RMS | Mr. Shawnee, LDTV Awards, & Best of RMS
This week’s LDTV Awards RMS show was hosted by David Hamaty & Zach Meyer!

Last week was the annual Mr. Shawnee competition and Matt Mathis and Talon Lauriello were able to get the recap. Robert Wagner had the chance to interview Mr. Pistone, Shawnee High School’s TV Tech teacher about the LDTV Awards. With it being so close to the end of the year we decided to do a Best of RMS!

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Have a great Prom Renegades!

10 May 2016
RMS | Mr. Shawnee & Disney
This week’s show was hosted by Matt Carpenter and Kelsey Haines!

Dylan Tollefson and Nadiv Steinberg really wanted to be in Mr. Shawnee, but they were just a little too late to enter. They gave it a shot anyways. Kelsey Haines was able to have a live interview with Mr. Shawnee contestant David Hamaty. The Disney Senior Trip was a few weeks ago and Hunter Smith put together a nice recap of the trip from every senior’s pictures and videos.

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Have a great weekend Renegades and come see Mr. Shawnee tonight at 7pm!

10 May 2016
RMS | PARCC Testing & Cribz

This week’s show was hosted by Sam Lynam and Talon Lauriello!

With the Parcc right around the corner Talon went around to the student body to get their opinions. Sean Herb and Samson Gutwirth brought Cribz back this week with Frau Lyras.

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Enjoy your Senior Trip Renegades!
10 May 2016
RMS I Academic Fair & Teen Arts
This week's show was hosted by Zach Meyer and Kelsey Haines!

With the Academic Fair last week David Hamaty, Zach Meyer, Talon Lauriello, and Matt Mathis were able to go and recap the event, there were so many awesome projects. Zach Meyer got a chance to go to The Teen Arts Festival and show us a little bit of what went on there.

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Have an excellent Woooo Spring Break Renegades!
24 Mar 2016
RMS I Pi Night & It's On Us
This Saint Patrick's Day show was hosted by Matt Carpenter and Hunter Smith!

Our show this week consisted of a Pi Night recap from Matt Carpenter, it was one tasty treat. Thanks Matt! David Hamaty got a chance to help put together an ESA for Shawnee's It's On Us Campaign. Remember It's On Us.

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Have a Lucky weekend Renegades!
24 Mar 2016
RMS I Shawnee's Got Talent, Artist Spotlight, & Job Fair
This week our show was hosted by Sean Herb and Matt Mathis!

Our show began with a talented display of the acts from Shawnee's annual Shawnee's Got Talent talent show in a recap from David Hamaty, congratulations to Rhiannon Taylor for winning. Sticking with music Zach Meyer got the chance to show us a little bit about his sisters band, Colorful Minds in this Artist's Spotlight. Closing out this week's show Dylan Tollefson put together quite the comical promo for the LRHSD Job Fair.

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Enjoy the great weather this weekend Renegades!
11 Mar 2016
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