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Communication Technology III

Students explore the short film and documentary production process. They also experience both location and studio production techniques and utilize many research interview techniques. Students create advanced composite and 3D graphics with Motion and After Effects.

Shawnee Extra
Students produce their 3rd and final Shawnee Extra at the beginning of the year while Communication Technology II students are instructed on the format and system of production.

Short Film
Students write a 10 page script that can be shot in a high school setting. After a round robin of script reading and feedback, students re-write their script and discuss them again in class. 1-3 scripts are selected to be shot as a class in groups or as a whole. The films are showcased in the Shawnee Film Fesitval.

Family Documentary
Students produce a short documentary with at least 2 interviews on their family. The larger scale project is practice for the final documentary.

Culture Documentary
Students are asked to record observations on their culture and current trends with a camera. They gather, evaluate, and synthesize information from a range of sources to make an articulated statement about their culture.


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