Media Television Technology I - Radio Commercials:
Easdfasdfach year the student enrolled in the Media Television Technology I class make a radio commercial for their first class project. The students work in groups of two or three to write and produce a thirty second commercial. A single product is selected for all TV 1 classes, but within each class, groups select a different target audience to gear their commercial towards. This year's product was Apple Computers and Apple iPod. 2001/2003 RADIO COMMERCIALS

A Mission To Mars... TV 1 Studo Project
The first television studio project for the Media Television Technology I students is a mock news broadcast entitles Mission to Mars. During filming of this project, students learn how to operate various pieces of studio equipment and also how to perform the tasks of television studio personnel.
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Music Video Project
Each year, as a culminating projects, the Media Television Technology I students make a music video. The music video puts to the test their abilities in planning, storyboarding, shooting, and editing. Throughout the years, students have created a myriad of diverse videos from their favorite bands. Each year, video is selected from all TV Tech I classes as most notable and is placed for viewing by the entire school on the Renegade Rewind Video Yearbook.