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Every Friday Morning, Shawnee TV produces a live 8-10 minute news and variety show for the entire Shawnee student body. Each episode covers the latest school announcements, promotes upcoming events, and aims to entertain with various skits and special show openings.

Now in its 12th season, the crew produces a live broadcast Monday through Thursday called "Shawnee Wake Up" and produces "The Renegade Morning Show" Fridays.

Battle of the Bands preview
Our May 11th edition of the RMS featured a sneak peek at the bands scheduled to be a part of this year's Battle of the Bands competition. The Cosby Show opening was created by Gary Halliwell.

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22 May 2007

2007 Film Festival Gallery
A collection of videos from the very successful 2007 Film Festival will be online soon. In the meantime, check out this photo gallery from the May 18th event.
22 May 2007

Shawnee TV visits Apple Store Sagemore
The students of the Shawnee Television and Photo departments hosted a special showcase event at the Apple Store Sagemore on May 15th. Students showed off their work created using Apple products, including Mac hardware and Final Cut Studio software.

Click here to view a photo gallery of the event! Please note that the gallery requires you have the free Macromedia Flash Player.
16 May 2007

The Greg Cappello Tribute Band
On today's Morning Show, Gary Halliwell and Mason DeWitt hosted. We opened once again with The Office, had a promo for Battle of the Bands, and closed with Mr. Campbell and several cancer surivers speaking about "Race for the Cure."
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09 May 2007

This ain't a scene.. it's the JDD.
The JDD, Mr. Shawnee, and the Solo Concert were all featured on this episode of the Renegade Morning Show. Alyssa Rizzitello and Craig Schwiat hosted while special guest Shannon Ward stopped by to talk about Cystic Fibrosis, and how Shawnee can help find a cure.
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27 Apr 2007

Seniors Return & Sophs Get Down (sort of)
After a long senior trip to Disney World, Florida, Shawnee Seniors returned. Today's show was hosted by two post-Floridian Seniors, Andrew "Mickey" Sims and Alex "I'm with Goofy" Voglesong. Kevin Melfi produced the much anticipated Sophomore Cotillion segment that opened the show.
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05 Apr 2007

Seniors Do Disney
The Shawnee Senior Class invaded Disney World yesterday and today's Morning Show featured all of the highlights from day 1. In an RMS first, Andrew Sims edited the Day 1 opening from Disney. Craig Schwait and Jessica Gooch hosted this show that featured a promo for the upcoming video yearbook.

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30 Mar 2007

Stud Fac.
Today's show featured Andrew Sims and Pam from "the Office" look-alike Alyssa Rizzitello. Kevin Melfi produced a student/faculty basketball game promo featuring the administrative baseketball fearsome. Also, as a special treat, the show closed with a rare version of Wizard Rock featuring the rhythmic stylings of aspiring softcore rapper, Andrew Sims.

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23 Mar 2007

Baseball Preview
This edition of the Morning Show featured hosts Alex Bradford and Alex Voglesong. The show opened with The Office, while Alex Bradford added a Baseball Preview, and Gina Sorce closed the show with another Film Fest Promo.Click Here to View.
19 Mar 2007

Film Fest Entries 2005
Re-live the memories from the 2005 Short film Festival. Check out some of the previous entries as Shawnee TV gears up for the 2007 Short Film Contest.

  • Anonymous
  • Nerd Ball
  • Progress
  • Spaghetti Suburan
  • Storm Chasers
  • 13 Mar 2007

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