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Every Friday Morning, Shawnee TV produces a live 8-10 minute news and variety show for the entire Shawnee student body. Each episode covers the latest school announcements, promotes upcoming events, and aims to entertain with various skits and special show openings.

Now in its 12th season, the crew produces a live broadcast Monday through Thursday called "Shawnee Wake Up" and produces "The Renegade Morning Show" Fridays.

Its a Long Weekend!!!
First time host Tyler Coskery and Alyssa Rizzitello hosted this edition of the Renegade Morning Show. Kyle Smith and Stephen Leacock produced the Saturday Night Live opening, while Becca Sims and Amanda Martin asked staff and students what they plan to do on their long weekend. Mike Hammelef and Gerald Booker stopped in to raise support for the Shawnee football as they enter the playoff's. A MRSA PSA was run in order to inform students of its effects. Watch now!
07 Nov 2007

Mike Hammelef and Dan Kent hosted this interesting edition of the Renegade Morning Show. Stefan Haller created a Homecoming opening, and Alyssa Marsdale produced both the Trick-or-Treating segment and the Halloween recap closing. This show also featured a twist as some of the members of the TV Crew were confused and began decorating the set for Christmas. Watch !
02 Nov 2007

Halloween Parade-o-Fun
Today's special Halloween Edition of the Renegade Morning Show featured first time host and long-time producer Jen Russo alongside seasoned veteran Alex Bradford. Jaime Toll, Steph Albano and Joey Kessler added a "Safe Trick or Treat" opening. Mr. G. Cappello and Craig Schwait were in the halls for coverage of the 2nd Annual Halloween parade. Watch !
31 Oct 2007

Are You Ready for Halloween???
On this episode of the Renegade Morning Show, first time talent Amanda Martin co-hosted with Craig Schwait, as Shawnee begins to prepare for Halloween events. The opening asked students and staff of their Halloween plans, Irene Roman produced a sports segment for the Cross Country team, and Jake Albano and Steve Mathis had some fun with a gorilla suit for the closing! Watch !
26 Oct 2007

Gina Sorce and Judith Garidina hosted the second Wednesday Morning Show of the year. Jeffery Desilates gave a report from Paris, France on the Homecoming Dance, while Alelis Celino and Trica Barlow told Shawnee students about Operation Shoe-Box. Gina Sorce also made the fake Dress Code opening. Jamie Toll and Anthony Garidina asked people what they were being for Halloween. Watch !
24 Oct 2007

Peppy Pep-Rally Coverage
On this episode of the Renegade Morning Show, Brandon Manni and Becca Sims hosted, while some creative art students made posters and pictures to illustrate Shawnee's participation in Anti-Violence Week. Brandon Manni made an opening and a closing of the peppy Pep-Rally on Friday. Alyssa Rizzitello and Amanda Martin made a segment that inspired students to take a stand against violence. Watch !
23 Oct 2007

Pre-Game Spirit Week
This show got Shawnee pepped for the Spirit Week Pep-Rally! Mike Hammelef and Jamie Toll made the opening of spirit week practice, while Steve Jones, Adam Zweibaum and Tyler Coskery went around the town asking if people had their Shawnee Spirit on. Hosts Alyssa Marsdale and Jamie Toll showed their spirit by waving their pom-poms. Watch !
15 Oct 2007

Shawnee Sports
Today's show featured two sports segments by Jamie Toll, and by Mike Harriett and CJ Kelchner. Mike Hammelef and Dan Kent hosted, with special guest speakers Alex Bradford, who informed students about Homecoming preparations, and Reahina and Ally, who spoke of GSA issues. Setfan Haller made a collage of student life as an opening.
Watch !
05 Oct 2007

Wednesday Show?
The first Wednesday edition of the Renegade Morning Show featured hosts Alex Bradford and Alyssa Marsdale. A High School Musical spoof, by Steve Jones and Steve Mathis, opened the show, Fall Sports was added by Jessica Connors and a special Phillies closing was prepared by Alex Bradford and Ethan Lechner. Watch !
04 Oct 2007

Changes to the set?
Craig Schwait and Stephanie Albano host this edition of the RMS featuring a time lapse opening, a BRIEF announcement from Mrs. Murphy and a re-run of the Spirit Week Games video.
Watch !
01 Oct 2007

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