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Every Friday Morning, Shawnee TV produces a live 8-10 minute news and variety show for the entire Shawnee student body. Each episode covers the latest school announcements, promotes upcoming events, and aims to entertain with various skits and special show openings.

Now in its 12th season, the crew produces a live broadcast Monday through Thursday called "Shawnee Wake Up" and produces "The Renegade Morning Show" Fridays.

Mr. Bookwalter, the Brady's and a little bit SADD
Stephanie Albano and Adam Zweibaum hosted this Wednesday edition of the RMS. The show opened with a very Brady opening made by Alyssa Rizzitello and Ryan McLaughlin while Steph Albano produced the swim team promo closing. Mr. Bookwalter stopped by with a video to discuss harassment in the school. Look carefully and maybe you can see a young (and blurry) John Donaldson, director of television services in the Marc Sonsini produced video. Click to view.
19 Dec 2007

Holiday Spirit Starts Here
Jaime Toll and Mike Hammelef hosted this edition of the Morning Show. It featured an opening by Alyssa Marsdale showing the Shawnee Holiday Spirit. Another school store segment by Garrett Foster and Chris Halliwell and the boy's swim team presented the school with a trophy during the show. Finally, a boy's basketball promo closed the show. Watch Now!
17 Dec 2007

New Photos.. a little past due
These are pictures from an LDTV Sports shoot. This game was the girls field hockey Tournament of Champions game from TCNJ. Click to view.
13 Dec 2007

The First Re-Run
Survivor, created by Gwen Sparkman and Emily Mazzio, opened today's show, while Alex Bradford and Steph Albano hosted. For the first time this year, we re-ran a school store segment. A promo for the Amnesty International Coffee House, produced by Tara Kelly, closed the show. Watch Now!
12 Dec 2007

6 cameras, 5 microphones, and a 3 piece band?
This weeks special edition featured a live music performance by Signature Authority. This was only the third time a live band has performed in studio. Hosts Gina Sorce and Tyler Coskery welcomed band members Chester Drago, Kyle Carlson, and Dan Cohn who played an original song as well as a unique version of the Dreidel Song. Kyle Smith and Steve Leacock added special holiday school store commercial while members of the cheerleading squad presented Mr. Campbell with their recent awards. Watch Now!
07 Dec 2007

State Champs.
On this episode of the Renegade Morning Show, Craig Schwait and Jen Russo hosted while Stefan Haller made a Shawnee Football opening commemorating their title of State Champions. We ran another school store commercial by Steph Albano and Tony Giradina, and closed the show with a Photo Show Promo. Watch Now!
05 Dec 2007

Shawnee Football
First time host Steve Mathis co-hosted this episode of the Renegade Morning Show with seasoned veteran Alex Bradford. Adam Krevkoski created the Shawnee Football opening, while a school store segment was added by Chester Drago and Alicia Burke. Alyssa Marsdale produced a promo for the Photo Show. Special guests, Mrs. Lorna Faress came in to thank those who helped with the Blood Drive and congratulated the Field Hockey team for their achievement of winning the Tournament of Champions, and Booker Gerald promoted the Championship football game. The Show closed with a Shawnee Bowling segment by Steve Jones and Steve Mathis. Watch Now!
30 Nov 2007

Thanksgiving Post-Game
Today's edition of the Renegade Morning Show featured hosts Amanda Martin and new-comer Brandon Warech. A "House" opening created by Tom Streep and Joey Romanko kicked off this episode, while a School Store commercial, created by Cody Panetta and Jody Sedrat, promoted products at the Shawnee Store. Finally, Becca Sims produced the closing where she asked students about their Thanksgiving Holiday. Watch Now!
28 Nov 2007

Special alumni hosts, Andrew Sims and Tori Panetta, returned to the Renegade Morning Show to host the Thanksgivisode! They were joined by Mike Pachouski and Joe Henery, who promoted the annual Shawnee v. Lenape Thanksgiving game. Cody Panetta and Anthony Giradina created the "Drake & Josh" opening, Steve Jones produced the Faculty Basketball segment, and Brandon Manni created the Blood Drive Closing. Watch Now!
21 Nov 2007

Special Guests Packed
Long time talent Craig Schwait co-hosted this episode with first timer Tara Kelly. A Field Hockey promo, produced by Stephen Leacock and Steve Jones, opened the show. The Renegade Morning Show was proud to welcome Mr. Campbell who awarded Alexis Celino for her work with Operation Shoe-Box. Mike Hammelef and Ethan Lechner pumped up the students and staff for the football game. And Mr. Cappello who informed students of the first annual Faculty Basketball Game between Lenape and Shawnee. We ran another announcement about MRSA, and finally closed with a football segment produced by Tara Kelly and Lauren Mathis. Watch now!
16 Nov 2007

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