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Every Friday Morning, Shawnee TV produces a live 8-10 minute news and variety show for the entire Shawnee student body. Each episode covers the latest school announcements, promotes upcoming events, and aims to entertain with various skits and special show openings.

Now in its 12th season, the crew produces a live broadcast Monday through Thursday called "Shawnee Wake Up" and produces "The Renegade Morning Show" Fridays.

Morning Show Goes Widescreen!
On today's widescreen edition of the Renegade Morning Show, Kara Tabor and Wayne Wanzor Host the show! Today was a sad, sad day for Wayne.... his Team lost Blue and White Night. Anyways...to start the show, Mrs. Kelley promotes today's event: Diversity Day! Afterwards, Jake Danley and John Hager asked Shawnee what it's favorite part about Thanksgiving was. Next, Austin Molocznik asks Shawnee what they're thankful for! Lastly, Lauren Carr asks the students and staff for their best turkey gobbles!

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24 Nov 2010

Blue and White Night Promos!
This weeks edition of the Renegade Morning Show focused on promos for Blue and White Night! Lauren Mathis of the Blue Team co-hosts with Mikey Conover who where the Bubblesuit of the future (the White team's theme) fashioned by the delightful Mrs. Ware! Thanks so much for the help (I know you're reading this)! More on that in a sec, but this week, we've brought back Andy Kirkwood's "Youtube Video of The Week," along with friend Max Smith. The duo asks Shawnee what Youtube videos are there favorite and the results were hilarious! Connor Hanes introduces the 3rd "Wacky Sill of The Week"! It's quite a fascinating skill! To close the show, the battle of Blue and White Night promos pursued! Megan Swiatkowski raised the Blue Teams' spirit with a Man on The Street Style promo, and Brett Yoncak provoked the White Team with his Blue Team Beat Box! To the White Teams defense, they found some embarrassing footage of a blue team member dancing in the bubblesuit!

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22 Nov 2010

So Many Segments, So Little Time!
On today's show, we had special "guest" hosts from Shawnee's play "Our Town"! Megan Swiatkowski produced the Leaf Rake Timelapse. Alex Mourtos and Tyler Muckenfuss produced a hilarious Homecoming Promo! To hit a more serious note, Kacie Dunham had the oppurtunity to interview her mother, a veteran, to commemorate all of those that have served our country. The Tea and Elegance Crew produced a promo for their Coat Drive. Shawnee TV asked people what they'd like to do before they die. Conor Haine and Brody Miller star in this week's "Wacky Skill of The Week"! To sum it all up, Ryan Farrell produced a new segment "Album of the Month"!

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12 Nov 2010

Halloween 2010!
Lauren Carr and Mike Conover host todays Halloween Extravaganza while Lauren Mathis and Melissa Storm conduct interviews with Shawnee students during this years halloween parade. Mike Moraglia, Ryan Farrell and Mike Conover scare the Shawnee family, and Lauren Mathis, Lauren Carr and Ryan Farrell produce a school store segment to bring in more customers. Andy Kirkwood, Max Smith, Jackson Flynn and Joe Messler produced another You Tube Video of the Week. The Parade Continued until the end of homeroom, and we got a look at all the great costumes from the Shawnee Family.

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03 Nov 2010

Segments Galore!
On today's Show, Lauren Mathis and Megan Swiatkowski present a slew of various student produced segments! Brett Yoncak and Brandon Beringer drew up a whiteboard "RMS" logo to kick off the show! Then Shawnee TV pumped the school up with a Man on the Street Blue and White Night segment! Shawnee TV also asks students what they think teachers do outside of school... it turns out Teachers do stuff on their time off. Brandon Beringer produced a recap of the absolutely adorable event: Safe Trick or Treat! The Morning Show has a new series: Whacky Skill of the Week! To cap off the show, Brandon Harris and Ryan Sims produced a short film "Trapped", about a teens life being trapped in a classroom. That's all for this week Shawnee!

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03 Nov 2010

Violence Awareness and Character Counts Conclusion
Violence Awareness week concludes! Mr. Lamberson starts off today's show introducing "The Final Word" PSA to help finalize Shawnee's Violence Awareness week, and Ryan Snowden gets a reaction from Shawnee students and Faculty about the weeks events. Kara Tabor and Mike Conover host today's show, and Special guest Victoria Ware joins in to say "Character Counts!" The segments continued with a Dig Pink! segment produced by Drew Wellenbusher that showcased the hard work of the Shawnee Volleyball team. Halloween is right around the corner! Greg Streep asked the Shawnee Family what their ideas are for Halloween 2010!

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22 Oct 2010

Attack of the Segments!
Today's edition of the Renegade Morning Show was jam-packed with segments! The show begins with a time-lapse of the new studio floor painted by Will Maier and Andy Kirkwood and Bobby Tanzola's Cinema 4D RMS Full Screen Graphic. Brandon Beringer, Brett Yoncak, Megan Swiatkowski, and Wayne Wanzor host the first 4 host show! Ryan Snowden captured Shawnee's spirit with a recap of the Pep Rally! He also produced a Man on the Street interview with Shawnee's last of the "Sims Trilogy," Ryan Sims, asking Shawnee who's gonna win the World Series! Brett Yoncak and Ryan Fitzgerald also produced another Man on The Street segment asking for Shawnee's opinion of the award-winning series "Shufflepuck"! To cap off all of this excitement, Andy Kirkwood produced his newly beloved series "Youtube Video of the Week"!

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15 Oct 2010

Marching Band Faces the Giants, Parents Come Back to School, and Shufflepuck Gets Bit!
Lauren Carr and Gabe Gollub host today's show on Shawnee TV's new set! Thank you Will Maier for the great floor painting! Shawnee's Marching Band had a once in a lifetime experience... to perform at Giants Stadium! The "Shufflepack" created an extended trailer for the second episode of Shufflepuck known as "The Transylvanian Bartender". To close the show, Ryan Farrell, Mike Miraglia, and Mikey Conover produced a recap of Back To School Night!

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08 Oct 2010

Renegade Morning Show 4
We're at the 4th episode of what seems to be another great year for the RMS Crew. The show opened up with a segment about "What do you miss about Summer," made by Ryan Farell and Mike Moraglia. In the middle of the show Meg Swat made a video about "A day in the Life of Ashton Kuchera." The show was wrapped up with Andy Kirkwood's Youtube video of the week segment.

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01 Oct 2010

Shufflepuck Pilot Episode Debut!
Shufflepuck has taken the Renegade Morning Show, and the rest of Shawnee High School, by storm. "The Shufflepack" consisting of Brett Yoncak, Vince Tascione and Greg Streep host the show. Mr. Campbell made a quick appearance and the girls soccer team rallied up Shawnee's spirit!

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24 Sep 2010

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