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Every Friday Morning, Shawnee TV produces a live 8-10 minute news and variety show for the entire Shawnee student body. Each episode covers the latest school announcements, promotes upcoming events, and aims to entertain with various skits and special show openings.

Now in its 12th season, the crew produces a live broadcast Monday through Thursday called "Shawnee Wake Up" and produces "The Renegade Morning Show" Fridays.

Have a great Spring Break!
Lauren Mathis and Ryan Snowden host today's show and there was a lot to cover over the past week. Ryan Sims attended the 2011 Wing Bowl and showed Shawnee Devon Creagh's victory. The boy's lacrosse team is looking great this year, and as usual, Mike Moraglia is right there to cover it all. This week's edition of seven second story includes Andy Kirkwood, Mike Conover, Alex Mourtos, and his dance moves. Now that Winter is over (finally), Kyle Bate, Jake Danley, and Dylan Cummings went around the school and got everybody's final thoughts on the cold winter. To rap it up, ShawneeTV would like to congratulate Steven Tursi for winning Mr. Shawnee 2011. Greg Koellner and Drew Wellenbusher interviewed Steve after his victory, and Mike Moraglia produced the segment.

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15 Apr 2011

Documentary Time!
On today's show, Megan Swiatkowski and Mike Conover host the Show! We bring back the 7 Second Story! Let's just say, it's rated "ARRR". Next up, Andy Kirkwood and crew promote safe driving, in the segment "SHS T.T.Y.L". To close out the show, host Mikey Conover debuts his short film: "Skateboarding: A Documentary on an Unseen Culture".

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08 Apr 2011

Senior Trip, Wing Bowl, Seven Second Story, Brain Day, Spring Break...
Seniors, Lauren Mathis and Melissa Storm report with their cell phones from Disney. Brandon Harris and Colin White produced the Wing Bowl promo. Gabe Gollub and Kara Tabor host, Gabe also produced the Seven Second Story called "Senior Trip" along with Anna Rose Rubright, Ali Reid, Kristy Osler and Kacie Dunham. Lauren Carr produced the Brain Day recap and Kyle Borbi and Phil Conine produced the Sping Break Closing.

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01 Apr 2011

The Mathis and Coskery Show!
Steve Mathis and Tyler Coskery (T-Cos) came to the set and decided to host the show! Braeden Yoncak and Colin White decided to make an awesome basketball segment! They make "sick shots"! The next segment was a building bridges segment featuring Doc Jones class. Ryan Sims and Austin Hughes got a March Madness Man on the Street! To end the show there's a promo for Brain Day!

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25 Mar 2011

Jammin for Charity, Prelude to Senior Spring Break, FCA Showdown and special live performance from the Flapjacks.
Today's show featured a special live performance from the Flapjacks followed by the Jammin for Charity recap produced by Gabe Gollub. Melissa Storm and Wayne Wanzor hosted the show. Lauren Mathis and Ryan Snowden produced the Prelude to Senior Spring Break and Lauren Carr helped former student and producer Drew Middleton promote the FCA Showdown. Special thanks to the Flapjacks for their performance!

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18 Mar 2011

Renegade Morning Show visits NY!
On this weeks show, Lauren Mathis and Lauren Carr host the show. The TV Tech kids took a visit to the Big Apple to get a peek at NBC Studios and even went to Planet Hollywood! Ashton Kuchera produced a senior day of service segment! Mr. Nemith announces the Shawnee Crew on their SNL intro. Mr. Pistone his quite proud of his lil' iPhone, as it was able to make a "720p" quality piece. Enjoy the sights of NY!

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11 Mar 2011

Communication Technology and Shawnee TV: What do we do?
The Communication Technology department and Shawnee TV discuss their role at Shawnee High School.

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10 Mar 2011

Shawnee TV at NBC NY!
Check out our blog:

08 Mar 2011

Let's talk about some topics....
Brandon Beringer and Gabriel Golub host todays show. To start the show, the Little Women play had a promo. Next, there was a Crystal Apple recap, highlighting all of the great teachers out there! Afterwards, Jamming for Charity promoted for the 2011 venue. To finish it all up, there was a recap for the Read Across America event!

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04 Mar 2011

Little Women
On todays show, Meg and Jo March host the show with special guest Chris Biehn! Take a look!

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25 Feb 2011

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