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Every Friday Morning, Shawnee TV produces a live 8-10 minute news and variety show for the entire Shawnee student body. Each episode covers the latest school announcements, promotes upcoming events, and aims to entertain with various skits and special show openings.

Now in its 12th season, the crew produces a live broadcast Monday through Thursday called "Shawnee Wake Up" and produces "The Renegade Morning Show" Fridays.

What Are You Afraid Of?
This week, Andy Kirkwood and Kacie Dunham hosted today's show. Gabe gave us a recap on safe trick or treat, and Drew Wellenbusher recapped dig pink. Kavon Eslambolchi John Falcone asked students, "What's your favorite thing about Shawnee?" Sam Mitchell & Jeff Dimartino asked Shawnee what they are most afraid of.

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04 Nov 2011

The Halloween Show 2011
The Renegade Morning Show hosted it's longest and spookiest show of the year! Kara Tabor and Megan Swiatkowski hosted while Lauren Carr and Drew Wellenbusher interviewed people out in the hallway. Ryan Farrell and Mike Moraglia recreated last year's segment where they scared people and got as many different reactions as possible. Ryan Snowden was responsible for our awesome graphics throughout the show. Chris Biehn made a top ten list of his most scary movies ever and Mike Moraglia made a segment on scared faces. We took a look at the scarecrows on Main Street courtesy Maddie McHugh and Chris James and Don Kelly created a promo for the school's drama, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Also, the Halloween Parade came by and you'll be able to see plenty of awesome costumes. Hope you had a great Halloween!

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04 Nov 2011

Pre-Halloween Show
In today's show, Conor Heine and the Com. Tech III class created a hilarious We Are Shawnee TV segment. Ali Reid and Alex White hosted today's show. Haily Foster and Chris James went around Shawnee asking what everyone was wearing for Halloween while Sam Mitchell produced another fabulous Question of the Week segment. Mr. Pistone, Ms. Rakow, Rayna DeCaro, and Cassie Bozicek made another This I Believe segment (probably our best yet!) Megan Swiatkowski made a segment for the Blue Crew Washer's Tournament tonight at 5:30 and Corey Smith made a promo for the school's drama, Sleepy Hollow. Shawnee Tv will be back on Monday with a huge Halloween show! Get ready!

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28 Oct 2011

1st Ever Shawnee TV Black Light Show
Mike Conover and Meg Swat hosted the first ever black light Renegade Morning Show! In today's segments, Kavon Eslambolchi and John Falcone interviewed Shawnee students on who their favorite teacher is, Andy Kirkwood gave us a look at This Month in Gaming, and Stephany Bucci told us more about the five pillars of respect. Erin Posch gave us a recap on what the Shawnee Marching Band's huge win was like in the Yamaha Cup competition at Giant's Stadium, and Jackson Flynn got 100 high fives in 45 seconds! Dan Mikle also gave us a segment on what he believes. We also had a segment on the Price of Silence and advertised for an upcoming opportunity for Shawnee students, Give Kids the World.

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21 Oct 2011

Dan Gediman Visits Shawnee TV and Americabear Rocks Out in the Studio!
Americabear gave an amazing live performance on Shawnee TV's stage. Lauren Carr and Gabe Gullob hosted today's show. Ali Reid, DJ Tourney, Danielle McGowan, Christy Osler, and Brandon Harris kicked off todays show with a planking segment. We released a promo for the Girl's Volleyball Dig Pink event which will be on Thursday, October 27th at 4:00 in the Shawnee gym. We also heard from Shawnee students where they think they will be in 20 years. Shawnee TV is looking for more hosts and hostesses. If you are interested, come try out this Wednesday, October 19th after school in A111. We looked back on the great assembly we had this past Tuesday. Thanks again to executive producer and author David Gediman for coming out to speak to Shawnee High School on our One Book One School, This I Believe.

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14 Oct 2011

Bookwalter's On A Book
This week at Shawnee was all about R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Mr. Campbell and Mr. Bookwalter gave us a recap on the student body's reaction as well as their thoughts on Be Cool to the Pizza Dude. We opened up the show with a Spirit Rally recap by Jeremy Baskin, Dan Mikle and Bob Frank and "This is Shawnee TV" by Connor Heine and Brody Miller. Andy Kirkwood gave us a look at September's This Month In Gaming. Lauren Carr showed us what went on with Shawnee's Back to School Night. It looks like the parents really enjoyed their time here at Shawnee. Finally, we ended with another This I Believe Segment about smiling by Meg Swat.

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07 Oct 2011

Shawnee TV Talent Try Out
Please click this link to sign up for a try out.

Try outs will be held 2 days this year to qualify for being on camera for our shows. You will be videotaped while reading the teleprompter on our Wake Up! set. Judges will critique your performance and passing scores will put you into the rotation for Shawnee TV shows!
04 Oct 2011

This I Believe Music Video
Today's show was hosted by the fabulous Andy Kirkwood and Tanner Fuimaono. Chris Biehn interviewed Alexis Martin for his new segment Shawnee Superstars. A new senior is chosen every two weeks for their incredible accomplishments all throughout high school. The Communication Technology 3 Class along with Mr. Steve Nemeth produced a music video titled, "This I Believe." The inspiration was taken from Shawnee High School's "One Book, One School" Program and the book by Nation Public Radio Producer, Dan Gediman. Featured in the trio is Connor Heine on piano and Mr. Brian Pistone on drums. We ran a Blue Crew promo for Blue Fest and also started up a new segment, fact of the week.

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30 Sep 2011

Sick Shots
Brandon Harris, Colin White, and Braden Yoncack produced today's sick shots segment. Who would've known that our tech guys had awesome basketball skills! The show was hosted by Ali Ried and Gabe Gullob.The opening of the show time lapse was produced by Chris Giuseppini. Shawnee Tv goes global with our world traveler, Chris Biehn, when he takes us to the old capitol of the vikings in Scandinavia and St. Petersburg in Russia. Shawnee Tv had a chance to speak with Peter Root, the director of the last X-men movie, about his job. He certainly inspired many Tv Tech students to keep producing and working hard. Finally Lauren Carr asks Shawnee High School who their favorite teacher is this year.

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23 Sep 2011

Season 11 Opening Show!
Welcome back to a new season of Shawnee Tv! In the first show ever of Season 11, Kara Tabor and Andy Kirkwood hosted. The show opened up with a segment produced by Connor Heine and Brody Miller that gave an inside view of what happens behind the scenes on the show after the mics shut off. Then came The Shawnee Tv Big Bang produced by Lauren Mathis. Mr. Pistone produced a touching segment based on Shawnee's summer reading book, This I Believe. This I Believe will be a daily segment produced at Shawnee stating what Shawnee teachers and students believe. If you want to state what you believe, text or email us at shawneetvcomments@gmail.com. We also had a segment on what the Freshman were most excited about for this year. It was a great show and a great start to the 2011-2012 school year.

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16 Sep 2011

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