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Every Friday Morning, Shawnee TV produces a live 8-10 minute news and variety show for the entire Shawnee student body. Each episode covers the latest school announcements, promotes upcoming events, and aims to entertain with various skits and special show openings.

Now in its 12th season, the crew produces a live broadcast Monday through Thursday called "Shawnee Wake Up" and produces "The Renegade Morning Show" Fridays.

Communication Technology and Shawnee TV: What do we do?
The Communication Technology department and Shawnee TV discuss their role at Shawnee High School with Neeta students.

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11 Jan 2012

Welcome Back Whoops!
Welcome back everyone! Here at Shawnee Tv we hope you had an awesome break! Due to some technical difficulties, we were unable to run a show. Five minutes before we were about ready to air, a fuse blew and we lost power. Unfortunately there was not enough time to recover everything we lost. Such an eventful morning! But we will be back next week with our Post Holiday Edition of So Senior! Have a great day!
06 Jan 2012

On today's festive show, Kara Tabor and Gabe Gollub hosted. Kara and Meg Swiatkowski decorated the set for this week's Holiday Edition! Andy Kirkwood pumped out another This Month in Gaming, while Jeff Dimartino asked students their favorite things about the holidays. Maddie McHugh asked Shawnee what the school's favorite holiday song is and Don Kelly continued to educate us with the SAT Word of the Week. As the last show of the year, Shawnee Tv would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. We will be back in January with a brand new set and show! Happy Holidays!

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23 Dec 2011

Welcome Memorial Tech Program
Shawnee Tv had some very special guests today! The Memorial Middle School program came over to observe the Renegade Morning Show. They were a fantastic audience! The Memorial program also had the opportunity to run their own show after RMS. There are many talented students in our incoming class! Can't wait till they are here! A special thanks to Ms. Ebbeson and Mr. Pistone for making the field trip happen.
In other news, Brandon Harris produced the New York City opener, Go Pro. This past Friday, Shawnee Tv and Shawnee Photo Clubs visited New York City to get some awesome pictures and shots. Ryan Snowden and Kacie Dunham hosted. Lauren Carr, Drew Wellenbusher, and Laura Holiday visited the Shawnee Blood Drive were students and staff donated hundreds of pints of blood. DJ Tourney and Mel Baker produced the WATCH STV segment and Lauren Carr, Drew Wellenbusher, and Ryan Snowden produced the what was your favorite part about Memorial in honor of our special guests. Chris Beihn produced an awesome wrestling segment! Be sure to come out and support the team this year in all their matches!

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16 Dec 2011

Blue and White Night Recap
Lauren Carr and Gabe Gollub hosted today's show. Brandon Harris cut together a quick recap of Shawnee's school spirit event, Blue and White night. Amanda McHugh and Hailey Foster showed us what the world would be like backwards while Don Kelly produced another SAT Word of the Week.

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12 Dec 2011

Sick Shots Show
This week at Shawnee Tv we are all about Sick Shots. Brandon Harris, Colin White, and Braden Yoncak produced a show about two friends shooting baskets and having a great time! Ali Reid and Alex White hosted today's show. Jackson Flynn and Ryan Sims produced today's opener where Jackson walked around Shawnee High School with the Shawneetv sing in 26 seconds! Andy Kirkwood gave us the low down on December's This Month In Gaming while Amanda McHugh and Hailey Foster showed us what life would be like backwards. Don Kelly produced this week's SAT Word of the Week.

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12 Dec 2011

MOMA Field Trip
We're on our way to MOMA NY! Check out our live blog:
09 Dec 2011

A Very Senior Thanksgiving
Kara Tabor and Laura Holiday hosted another fabulous Renegade Morning Show today. Brandon Harris opened the show with a segment on rock climbing, while Sam Mitchell and Jeff Dimartino were at it again with the Question of the Week. During our funniest segment so far this year, all the seniors got together to have their first and last Thanksgiving meal together. Special thanks to Lauren Carr for editing that segment. Be sure to stay tuned for all the senior episodes before each holiday. Finally, here at Shawnee Tv, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the break!

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23 Nov 2011

Blue and White Night Show 2011
Shawnee Tv is all about Blue and White Night 2011 this week! Chris Beihn (Sophomore White Team Captain) and Meg Swat (Overall Blue Team Captain), host today's show. We opened up with a corny can drive segment by Meg Swat and then took it to the Question of the Week by Sam Mitchell. Meg Swat falsified the rumor that the Shawnee mascot was changing (SHAWNEE WILL FOREVER BE THE RENEGADES!), and created a commercial for the Blue Team!

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18 Nov 2011

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15 Nov 2011

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