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Every Friday Morning, Shawnee TV produces a live 8-10 minute news and variety show for the entire Shawnee student body. Each episode covers the latest school announcements, promotes upcoming events, and aims to entertain with various skits and special show openings.

Now in its 12th season, the crew produces a live broadcast Monday through Thursday called "Shawnee Wake Up" and produces "The Renegade Morning Show" Fridays.

Red Herring Case

Communication Technology 3 Class produced this short film in 1 month.
05 Jun 2012

Stop Motions, Mini Golf, Rockets and a Short Film.
Meg Swat hosted today's show along with guest host Emma Faulkner. Today's show opened with a stop motion produced by Ali Reid, Christy Osler and Daniel Mcgowan. The Communications Technology III class produced a trailer for their short film, "The Red Herring Case" which is premiering on June 4th, right after school. Lauren Carr and Lora Holliday play some mini golf. The physics students blast off in an awesome rocket launching segment. Ali Reid asks students what they will miss most about Shawnee. Ali Reid, Christy Osler and Daniel Mcgowan produced another stop motion to close the show. Only 8 days until the last day of school!

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01 Jun 2012

Art Show and The Long Weekend Ahead!
Meg Swat and Gabe Gollub hosted today's show. Lauren Carr produced the Art Show Recap. Congratulations to all who won. To close the show, Jeremy Baskin asks Shawnee Students what they're doing on their extra day off.

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25 May 2012

Another Edition of the Lenape District's Best Morning Show!
Andy Kirkwood and Kara Tabor hosted today's award winning show. Renegade Morning Show wins the LDTV Award for best morning show in the district! Connor, Brody, and Zack produce another episode of the award winning series, This is Shawnee TV. To close the show, we celebrate our LDTV award win by recapping the best of the Renegade Morning Show.

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18 May 2012

Getting Ready for Renegames!
Andy Kirkwood and Ryan Wilson host today's show. Conner gets stuck in the past in another This is Shawnee TV segment, Brody and Zack start to get annoyed with all of his "school news." An ESA on the district wide, distracted while driving campaign, Head Up, Eyes Forward. Finally, we close the show with a promo for Renegames next week! Get Pumped!

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04 May 2012

Mr. Shawnee, Best of Renegade Morning Show 2012, and This Month in Gaming
Today, all of the "Bring your child to work day" kids open the show, we revisited Mr. Shawnee to see the many talents of the gentlemen who performed. We review the very best of the Renegade Morning Show, Season 11, for the LDTV awards. Finally, Andy Kirkwood presents whats happening this month in the gaming world in "This Month in Gaming."

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30 Apr 2012

This is Shawnee TV, Brain Day Recap, and Shawnee's got talent!
This week, the show opens with another hilarious This is Shawnee TV segment. Lauren Carr shows us whats going on at Brain Day 2012, and we close the show with Shawnee's got talent, where students show off some amazing skills that they have and Mr. Pistone shows us how awesome he is at dancing!

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30 Apr 2012

Say YES to Segments!
Connor Heine, Brody Miller, and Zach McHale created another awesome This is Shawnee TV. Kara Tabor and Meg Swiatkowski hosted today's show. Connor Heine created an interesting Smoothie King commercial while Brandon Harris gave us a look at spring sports. Lauren Carr gave us a look at what the seniors did down in Disney and Jeff Dimartinio created another Question of the Week.

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05 Apr 2012

Seniors Say Hello from Disney and Segments Galore!
Ali Reid kicks off today's show with her sneaky dancing, Jay Mack partnered up with seniors Meg Swat and Kara Tabor to produce the senior trip segment so they could say hello from Disney World, Jackson Flynn shows us how to survive in the wilderness of Shawnee High School. Gabi Flamini produced a fantastic segment to get us pumped up for Brain Day 2012, and the wacky faces of Shawnee closed the show.

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30 Mar 2012

Getting Ready For Disney
Ali Reid and Eileen Kenny hosted today's show. Brandon Harris gave us a recap on the bottle rockets Ms. Kirk's class made while Jackson Flynn took us on an adventure in another one of his Man vs. School episodes. Also, the seniors got together to prep for their upcoming Disney trip this Wednesday. Next week's show we will be chatting with the seniors while they are in Disney! Stay tuned!

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23 Mar 2012

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