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Every Friday Morning, Shawnee TV produces a live 8-10 minute news and variety show for the entire Shawnee student body. Each episode covers the latest school announcements, promotes upcoming events, and aims to entertain with various skits and special show openings.

Now in its 12th season, the crew produces a live broadcast Monday through Thursday called "Shawnee Wake Up" and produces "The Renegade Morning Show" Fridays.

RMS | Mr. Shawnee, LDTV Awards, & Best of RMS
This week’s LDTV Awards RMS show was hosted by David Hamaty & Zach Meyer!

Last week was the annual Mr. Shawnee competition and Matt Mathis and Talon Lauriello were able to get the recap. Robert Wagner had the chance to interview Mr. Pistone, Shawnee High School’s TV Tech teacher about the LDTV Awards. With it being so close to the end of the year we decided to do a Best of RMS!

Thanks for watching!

Have a great Prom Renegades!

10 May 2016

RMS | Mr. Shawnee & Disney
This week’s show was hosted by Matt Carpenter and Kelsey Haines!

Dylan Tollefson and Nadiv Steinberg really wanted to be in Mr. Shawnee, but they were just a little too late to enter. They gave it a shot anyways. Kelsey Haines was able to have a live interview with Mr. Shawnee contestant David Hamaty. The Disney Senior Trip was a few weeks ago and Hunter Smith put together a nice recap of the trip from every senior’s pictures and videos.

Thanks for watching!

Have a great weekend Renegades and come see Mr. Shawnee tonight at 7pm!

10 May 2016

RMS | PARCC Testing & Cribz

This week’s show was hosted by Sam Lynam and Talon Lauriello!

With the Parcc right around the corner Talon went around to the student body to get their opinions. Sean Herb and Samson Gutwirth brought Cribz back this week with Frau Lyras.

Thanks for watching!

Enjoy your Senior Trip Renegades!
10 May 2016

RMS I Academic Fair & Teen Arts
This week's show was hosted by Zach Meyer and Kelsey Haines!

With the Academic Fair last week David Hamaty, Zach Meyer, Talon Lauriello, and Matt Mathis were able to go and recap the event, there were so many awesome projects. Zach Meyer got a chance to go to The Teen Arts Festival and show us a little bit of what went on there.

Thanks for watching!
Have an excellent Woooo Spring Break Renegades!
24 Mar 2016

RMS I Pi Night & It's On Us
This Saint Patrick's Day show was hosted by Matt Carpenter and Hunter Smith!

Our show this week consisted of a Pi Night recap from Matt Carpenter, it was one tasty treat. Thanks Matt! David Hamaty got a chance to help put together an ESA for Shawnee's It's On Us Campaign. Remember It's On Us.

Thanks for watching!
Have a Lucky weekend Renegades!
24 Mar 2016

RMS I Shawnee's Got Talent, Artist Spotlight, & Job Fair
This week our show was hosted by Sean Herb and Matt Mathis!

Our show began with a talented display of the acts from Shawnee's annual Shawnee's Got Talent talent show in a recap from David Hamaty, congratulations to Rhiannon Taylor for winning. Sticking with music Zach Meyer got the chance to show us a little bit about his sisters band, Colorful Minds in this Artist's Spotlight. Closing out this week's show Dylan Tollefson put together quite the comical promo for the LRHSD Job Fair.

Thanks for watching!
Enjoy the great weather this weekend Renegades!
11 Mar 2016

RMS I Read Across America, Filmmaking, and Shawnee February Recap
This week's show was hosted David Hamaty and after almost 10 years away from the camera Mr. Tama.

Beginning our show Dylan Tollefson, Nadiv Steinberg, and Talon Lauriello got a chance to cover Read Across America and talk to the kids about reading. Afterwards, Dylan taught us a little bit about Filmmaking. Lastly, Blaire Brinster and Hannah Brown showed us another recap of some of the events that took place for Shawnee during February.

Thanks for watching!
Welcome to March Renegades!
07 Mar 2016

RMS I Musical Auditions, Blood Drive, & Hot Peppers
This week's show was hosted by Captain Hook (Aiden Vogel) and Smee (Zach Taylor)!

We've got quite the magical show this week, so get ready to fly. Nadiv Steinberg and Dylan Tollefson decided to finally try out for the musical, although they were a little late. Sorry guys. Hunter Smith, Kelsey Haines, and Matt Carpenter got the opportunity to cover the blood drive and talk to some of the donors. Sean Herb and Zach Meyer took a challenge upon themselves and ate some habanero peppers, while trying to talk about the musical.

Thanks for watching!

Come see the last two shows of Peter Pan tonight at 7 and tomorrow at 7!

Have an adventurous weekend Renegades!
26 Feb 2016

RMS I Peter Pan

This week's show was hosted by Wendy Darling (Veronica Robertson) and Slightly (Tori Sheffer).

Our show was all about the musical this week, starting with a promo for Peter Pan from Scott Hoover who plays Captain Hook. We had a live interview this week with the musical's advisor and director Mrs. Kehl, done by David Hamaty. POTW returned with some amazing photos from Peter Pan, thanks Shawnee Photo Club.

Thanks for watching!

Come see Peter Pan on these dates:
2-19-16: 7PM
2-20-16: 2PM & 7PM
2-25-16: 7PM
2-26-16: 7PM
2-27-16: 7PM

Have a magical weekend Renegades!
26 Feb 2016

RMS I David and Kelsey's RMS Valentine's Date!
This week's show was hosted by David Hamaty and Kelsey Haines on a Valentine's Day Date!

For the Date's appetizer we find out exactly how Kelsey and David wound up on this interesting date. For the main course Sha'capella served up some tasty jams for the school's singing Valentines. We closed out this date with one sweet dessert , Griffin went on quite the date himself and we get to see how it all unfolded.

Thanks for watching.
Happy Valentine's Day Renegades!
26 Feb 2016

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