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Shawnee Television Photo Archive

TV3 in the LDTV Truck!
Morning Show: Behind the Scenes and Pep Rally

LDTV Awards '09

LDTV Sport - Girls Field Hockey finals
Cub Scout visit
NYC Trip

Wing Bowl III Gallery 1
Wing Bowl III Gallery 2
2007 Film Festival
LDTV Awards '07 - coming soon!
Andrew Sims - old OLD school.

The crew with 102.9 WMGK's Andre Gardner
Photobooth Phun - November 2005
Sims Grows up
4 Year Anniversary Show
Student Emmy Awards

Wing Bowl Gallery I
Wing Bowl Gallery II
Mr. Cappello's official Wing Bowl Logo
2005 LDTV Awards

Shawnee Television Shirts - models: Ken Curcio('04) and Dana Spera('05)
RMS Screen Shot - Cassie Waggoner('05) and Josh Brilliant('04)
LDTV Awards 9

TV Tech 1 and 2 pictures from the 2002/2003 school year.
Shawnee TV at the 2003 LDTV Awards 8
Original RMS Producers - Graduation Day

Renegade Morning Show - Season 1
Shot from the set of Students of the Month (old studio)

ShawneeTV.com Opening Banners
First Short Film Contest Promo (2003)
American Idol II Promo (February 2003)
Resevior Dogs RMS Style (September 2003)
Spirit Week Video Sale (fall 2003)
Brandon Sauer - Dancing Queen (November 2003)
Student Premier Night I (November 2003)
Joe Mullan = Justin Timberlake (December 2003)
Season's Greetings from RMS (December 2003)
RMS Season 3 is back! (January 2004)
Return from Disney Show(March 2004)
Super Size RMS II (March 2004)
Spring Break Edition (April 2004)
LDTV Awards 9 Ad(2004)
Shawnee TV Summer Banner (Summer 2004)
Halloween Special 2004 (October 2004)
Prom date for JJ & Chris (November 2004)
Monday Night Football RMS (December 2004)
Doug Widzins v. Terry - The Battle (December 2004)
3rd Anniversary Live (December 2004)
CJ's EAGLES Chant on RMS (January 2005)
Eagles Fever at Shawnee (February 2005)
Valentine's Day @ Shawnee (February 2005)
Pre-Wing Bowl RMS (March 2005)
Disney 2005 Show (March 2005)
JJ on JJ RMS (May 2005)
Shawnee Tops LDTV Awards X(June 2005)


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