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RMS 9-19-14 Football, History, and More Football

This Weeks Show was hosted by Madison LaPlante and Sean Scannell.

First off, we started with another hyperlapse from Mr. H, truly cool. Next off Jack Bisbee, Dan Boyle, and Jimmy Freas gave us an awesome highlight recap of Shawnee Football's first game. Then, we learned a little about what happened today, years ago. Lastly, Marsdale got us pumped again with another Gameday segment for the Renegades first home game. Best of luck to the team.
19 Sep 2014
RMS 9/12/14 More Frosh Fest, Passwords, ShawneeTV, and GAME DAY!

Our second show this season was hosted by David Hamaty and Katie Carr.

This week's show started off with a hyperlapse by Mr. Hochenberger, it was pretty neat. Afterwards Justin Boswick talked to some of our new students during Freshman Orientation. Tovly informed us about the safety of our passwords, and offered a easy solution to protect our info. Justin O'Donnell asked around and found out what ShawneeTV is. Finally, Austin Marsdale got really excited about Shawnee's first football game against Williamstown. Best of luck to our team!
12 Sep 2014
RMS 9-5-14 Welcome Back To Season 14!

The Renegade Morning Show is back for it's fourteenth season! Our first show this year was hosted by Kelsey Haines and Austin Marsdale.

Austin Marsdale looked back at his summer to start off our show. Justin O'Donnell gave us an exciting recap of this year's Frosh Festival. Veronica Robertson topped off our show this week with her stop motion video.

We here at ShawneeTV look forward to continuing to bring you funny, creative, and informative content for the 2014-2015 school year.
05 Sep 2014
RMS 6 20 14-Goodbye Seniors, Final Show of Season 13

The new Tricaster and camera equipment puts Shawnee TV in HD! Kacie Dunham and Sam Mitchell host along with our graduating seniors! Sam and Brandon Harris produced The Universe, Austin Marsdale produced his final Awkward Interviews, Chris Giuseppini produced Goodbye 2014 Seniors and Veronica Robertson produced the closing tribute to Mr. Pistone. Have a great summer!
20 Jun 2014
SHS Students of the Month- April 2014

Senior Taylor Patterson
Junior Dillon Evans
Sophomore Micaela Hickey
Freshman Steven Campbell
16 Jun 2014
Rube Goldberg Machines, Selfies, and BATTLESHiP

The 2nd to last show of the year was hosted by Corey Smith and Katie Carr. We saw some crazy rube goldberg machines, Lisa Capasso and Madison LaPlante went around to take some selfies. Tolvly Deutch taked to us about RSS. Braeden Yoncak, Ryan Sims, and Colin White played some Battleship. Finally. Sam Mitchell and Jackson Flynn went on one last adventure.
13 Jun 2014
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