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RMS 12-5-14 | Kids For Wish Kids and STATES

This week's show was hosted by Veronica Robertson and Sean Reily.

Sean Scannell opened our show with an important question "Where's the snow at?". Emma Smith showed us Shawnee's own Kids For Wish Kids Club. Next, Marsdale shared his hype for Shawnee's football team as they move onto states. Marsdale also topped off our show this week with his envy for snails.
07 Dec 2014
RMS I Thanksgiving, Blue & White Night, Homecoming Photos, and Crystal Apple

This week's show was hosted by Katie Carr and Austin Marsdale.

We opened our show with some encouraging words from Sean Scannell. Justin O'Donnell followed this year's Blue & White Night, watching the White team emerge victorious. Veronica Robertson brings us this week's Photos of the Week, with photos from the photobooth at last week's homecoming dance. Lastly, David Hamaty promoted this year's Crystal Apple Award.

Austin Marsdale reminded us the importance of family over black friday sales to wrap up this week's show. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Royalty free music by nwsc1an from featured in the Crystal Apple Promo, Thank you to nwsc1an.
26 Nov 2014
RMS 11-21-14 | Football, Fame Photos, and HYPE DAY!

This week's show was hosted by Evan Johnston and Olivia Prouse.

We opened our show with a timelapse done by Blake Brinster.
First, Brian Dunn gave us a football montage to get us ready for the game, Good Luck Renegades! Next up was another POTW, this time it was pictures from the Fall Drama Fame. Lastly, Corey Hummell helped us aboard the hype train for Smash Bros today!
26 Nov 2014
RMS 11-14-14 | Your Grammar Stinks, Football, and Fame

This weeks show was hosted by Coco Hernandez (Veronica Robertson) and Ralph Garcy (Zach Taylor).

First up Stephen Chambers showed us what happens when people don't use proper grammar. Then, Marsdale got us ready for Playoffs. Lastly, Zach Meyer gave us an inside look at The Fall Drama Production, Fame!

Thank you to Kevin MacLeod for the use of his music in our Fame segment.
RetroFuture Dirty Kevin MacLeod (
26 Nov 2014
RMS 11-5-14 | Shawnee TV & LDTV Behind the Scenes and Book Talks

This weeks show was hosted by Sean Herb and Kelsey Haines

Our opener this week was groovy catwalk shot by Justin O'Donnell. First, to start off our show Kelsey Haines took us behind the scenes of Shawnee TV. Sticking with behind the scenes, Justin O'Donnell showed us LDTV Sports from the crews perspective. Lastly, David Hamaty gave us an inside look at the Summer Reading Book Photo 3 English 3 collaborative project.
26 Nov 2014
RMS 10-31-14 | 2014 Halloween Show

This week was our Halloween Show hosted in the Shawnee TV studio by Zac Fields and Olivia Vitagliano. Outside in the halls we had Austin Marsdale and Katie Carr spectating and commentating on the Halloween parade.

Our opener this week was a cool pumpkin carving by Veronica Robertson. At the beginning of our show Justin O'Donnell gave us a recap of Shawnee's Safe Trick or Treat event. Next, Sean Scannell and Justin O'Donnell gave us a smashing montage of the AP Physics C classes Pumpkin Drop competition. After, Rob Wagner asked the students all about Mix It Up Day. Then, Jack Bisbee, Jimmy Freas, and Dan Boyle decided to scare some students. Later, Griffin Flake asked around about the worst treats gotten during Trick or Treat. Afterward, Hunter took five seconds of everyone's time to ask them to describe their life in five seconds. Next, David Thomas showed us its ok to be interviewed for the Renegade Morning Show. Then, We saw some Fall Colors from POTW. Lastly, Tina Belcher tries to wish everyone a Happy Halloween on behalf of the Renegade Morning Show crew.
26 Nov 2014
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