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RMS 12-19-14 | What's Important, Winter Photo Show, Five Second Interviews, Mirkos

The penultimate episode, this weeks show was hosted by Victor Flamini and Veronica Robertson.

First up was the return of What's Important with new co-host Hunter Smith to accompany original host David Hamaty. Next, was a promo for the Winter Photo Show. Photo Show POTW followed afterwards. Then, we took it to another 5 Second Interviews asking Shawnee what their favorite thing in the universe is. Lastly, Zach Meyer had a look on an Artist Spotlight for upcoming music producer Mirkos. (Louis Sarandoulious)

20 Dec 2014
Mr. Hochenberger Recieves Teacher of The Year Award
17 Dec 2014
Shawnee Extra- Fall Edition 2014

Football - 00:16
Soccer - 02:31
OBOS - 04:47
FCCLA - 06:58
Student Council - 09:04
Chess Club - 11:11
Kids for Wish Kids - 13:01
Guidance - 15:11
Drama - 17:21
Volleyball - 19:22
Marching Band - 21:35
15 Dec 2014
RMS 12/12/14 I Dreams, Memorial, No Ideas...

This week's show was hosted by Kelsey Haines and David Hamaty. We had a live audience this week, visited by Homeroom Headlines from Medford Memorial Middle School.

Sean Scannell started off our show with a beautiful graphic about dreams. Then Justin Bozwick and Co. roamed the halls to ask students what they were doing the morning of their two hour delay. Answers were less than interesting, so they made the best of it. Austin Marsdale finished up our show with an I.O.U for his segment for this week.
15 Dec 2014
SOTM November 2014

Freshman - Gabriella Vacanti
Sophomore - Kara Bonner
Junior - Brian T. Kennedy Jr.
Senior - Alexis Vaxman
11 Dec 2014
RMS 12-5-14 | Kids For Wish Kids and STATES

This week's show was hosted by Veronica Robertson and Sean Reily.

Sean Scannell opened our show with an important question "Where's the snow at?". Emma Smith showed us Shawnee's own Kids For Wish Kids Club. Next, Marsdale shared his hype for Shawnee's football team as they move onto states. Marsdale also topped off our show this week with his envy for snails.
07 Dec 2014
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