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RMS | 6ABC Field Trip

ShawneeTV had the opportunity to visit and take a tour of 6ABC in Philadelphia this week. Our Renegade Morning Show this week was filmed just outside, it was hosted by Katie Carr and Austin Marsdale.

Austin Marsdale started off our show this week with a recreation of 6ABC's intro sequence to their newscasts, it was really well done. Next Justin O'Donnell gave us a quick recap of ShawneeTV's tour of the 6ABC studio. Then we showed some of our own studio with a reairing of Justin O'Donnell's What Is ShawneeTV. After that we were given a glimpse at LDTV's own studio and production with a spot about their Option 2 internship program. Then Austin Marsdale gave us a report about what happened this week. The photo club was also busy this week, Veronica Robertson gave us a Photos of The Week on the tour of 6ABC. Finally, Sean Scannell's closer this week was about choices.

Have a great weekend everyone!
06 Feb 2015
Shawnee TV @ 6ABC Live Blog
Shawnee TV is visiting 6ABC! Check out our live blog:
03 Feb 2015
RMS | Cotillion, Early Memories, and More Bad Grammar

This week's show was hosted by Evan Johnson and Veronica Robertson.

Our first segment this week was a Photos of The Week in the theme of last year's Sophomore Cotillion. Next, Matt Carpenter gave Shawnee five seconds to tell us the earliest memory they had, it was a challenge. After that, Stephen Chambers brought us a well anticipated follow-up to Your Grammar Stinks, it was great! Finally, Austin Marsdale topped off our show with a made-up fact about McDonalds.
30 Jan 2015
RMS | Alternate Universes, Ice Hockey, iOS Apps

This week's show was hosted by two Seans. Sean Herb and Sean Scannell.

Sean Herb started off our show this week with his funny take on what alternate universes may look like. Austin Marsdale strapped on a Go-Pro and hit the ice last weekend, he gave us a look in his cool montage. Justin O'Donnell went on to give us some recommendations on great iOS Apps. Finally, Austin Marsdale topped off our show with an interesting fact about water bottles.
25 Jan 2015
RMS | Picture This and Chocolate Milk

This week's RMS was hosted by Kelsey Haines and Austin Marsdale.

Sean Scannell started off our show this week with a lovely graphic about our culture. Justin O'Donnell showed off his submission to the 2015 White House Student Film Festival. David Hamaty and Nadiv Steinberg played Apples to Apples and lost their chocolate to Kevin Haines milk in a weird segment this week. Lastly Austin Marsdale closed our show with a neat fact about cities.
16 Jan 2015
1-9-15 RMS | Resolutions, Clay Music Video, School Trips, and Failed Segments

This week our show was hosted by Madison LaPlante and Victor Flamini.
First up on our show was a music video created by Justin Boswick. Next, we had a MOTS from Evan Johnson about favorite school trips. Lastly, was a segment about segment fails from Kelsey Haines.
16 Jan 2015
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