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SOTM December 2014

Congrats to the December's Students of the Month:
Freshman Serena Estacio-Touhey
Sophomore Jack Dougherty
Junior Kristen Townsend
Seniors David Smith and Jake Parola
18 Mar 2015
RMS I Read Across America, Spirit Animals, and Video Games

This week's show was hosted by Kelsey Haines and Matt Carpenter. Today was Matt's 17th birthday, happy birthday Carp!

We started off this week with a snazzy spring-time graphic by Sean Scannell. Our first segment was an adorable recap of this year's Read Across America that Justin O'Donnell put together. Next, Matt Carpenter and the 5 Second Interview squad brought us another episode of their show this week. This week they asked Shawnee what their Spirit Animal was. Our last segment this week defied the common stereotype of video game players in a segment titled The Controversy of Video Games by Zach Meyer.

Have a great weekend Renegades!
13 Mar 2015
RMS | More Oklahoma and Blood Drive, Dance Team, and Chioma

This week's show was hosted by Ali Hakim and Will Parker from Shawnee's 2014-2015 musical Oklahoma!. Ali and Will were played by Nick Proto and Aidan Vogel.

We started off our show this week with a cool intro from Austin Marsdale trip to New York City. Afterwards, we got a time-lapse from Veronica Robertson of makeup application from one of our actresses from Oklahoma!. Next, Zach Fields gave us a Man on The Street asking folks what their favorite state is (the answer is Oklahoma). After that Kelsey Haines gave us a cool montage of the Shawnee Dance Team, it's funky. Austin Marsdale finally brought back Awkward Interviews this week, attacking last week's blood drive, it was great.

Two years ago, Chioma brought her enthusiasm and her great personality to The Renegade Morning Show with her segment series Chioma Says. We ended our show looking back at her great work, as Chioma moves on to South Carolina.
28 Feb 2015
RMS | SNL, High Fives, and Oklahoma!

This week's show was hosted by Will Parker and Ado Annie from the musical, Oklahoma!

We started off our show this week with Shawnee's reflections on SNL's 40th birthday. Next, we went on a mission to uncover the dark purpose of 'high fives'. After our mission was complete, we were given a peek at Shawnee High School's newest musical production, Oklahoma. Make sure you come out to see it tonight, or tomorrow in the afternoon or evening!
20 Feb 2015
RMS | Singing Valentines, Oklahoma Leads, and Philly Car Show

This week's show was hosted by Veronica Robertson and Kevin Jung.
Valentine's day is tomorrow, our singing Renegades took to the cafeteria to serenade some lucky students, Zach Fields covered the festivities. Next, Aidan Vogel from the cast of our 2015 spring musical brought us a funny segment about what goes on behind the scenes with our lead actors. Finally, Fabiana visited the Philadelphia car show and brought back a cool montage for us. Austin Marsdale wrapped up our show with a closer about Friday the 13th.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day Renegades!
13 Feb 2015
RMS | 6ABC Field Trip

ShawneeTV had the opportunity to visit and take a tour of 6ABC in Philadelphia this week. Our Renegade Morning Show this week was filmed just outside, it was hosted by Katie Carr and Austin Marsdale.

Austin Marsdale started off our show this week with a recreation of 6ABC's intro sequence to their newscasts, it was really well done. Next Justin O'Donnell gave us a quick recap of ShawneeTV's tour of the 6ABC studio. Then we showed some of our own studio with a reairing of Justin O'Donnell's What Is ShawneeTV. After that we were given a glimpse at LDTV's own studio and production with a spot about their Option 2 internship program. Then Austin Marsdale gave us a report about what happened this week. The photo club was also busy this week, Veronica Robertson gave us a Photos of The Week on the tour of 6ABC. Finally, Sean Scannell's closer this week was about choices.

Have a great weekend everyone!
06 Feb 2015
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