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RMS | Tough Questions and Shawnee Geographic

This week's show was hosted by Austin Marsdale and Kelsey Haines.

Veronica Robertson started up our show this week with another edition of Photos of The Week, covering Shawnee's Got Talent... Ben Longjohn took to the halls to confuse class-goers with some confusing questions. Next Dylan Tollefsen and Cody Steinberg explored the beautiful pines of Medford, NJ, and discovered many exotic and rare animals.

Have a great weekend Renegades!
17 Apr 2015
RMS I Return from Disney and Shawnee's Got Talent

This week's show was hosted by Zach Fields and Olivia Vitagliano.

Tovly Deutsch started off our show this week with a cool shot from his documentary 'Stress Fracture'. Next, Justin O'Donnell gave us a recap of all of our amazingly talented students at last night's annual Shawnee's Got Talent. The Class of 2015 had an amazing time at Disney. Over the course of the trip, students submitted photos and videos of their moments and memories. Katie Carr collaborated this footage into a nice montage for the show. Austin Marsdale brought his GoPro along and captured his own adventures in Disney.

Have an awesome spring break renegades!
02 Apr 2015
RMS I Academic Fair, Smart People, and Spring Break T-Shirts

With our seniors out at Disney, our juniors and underclassmen were left to hold down the fort. This week's show was hosted by Sean Herb and Veronica Robertson.

Sean Scannell started off our show this week with a philosophical graphic about transcendence. Next, Justin O'Donnell, Sean Scannell, and David Hamaty took to last week's Academic Fair, there were tons of awesome projects and interesting things to see. Justin O'Donnell gave us a montage of the event. Matt Carpenter and the 5 Second Squad also attended the Academic Fair. They asked folks at the brain day section who the smartest people they knew was. With spring break just around the corner, Veronica Robertson scored an interview with Mr. Patterson, the inspiration for 'Woo Spring Break', and the T-Shirts that will be coming soon. David Hamaty wrapped up our show this week with his own rendition of our adult swim-esque bumpers.

Keep having fun at Disney seniors! Have a great weekend renegades!

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27 Mar 2015
Shawnee Extra Winter Edition 2015

0:15 Jazz Band
2:33 Girls Basketball
4:46 Shawnee Extra
6:37 Wrestling
8:33 Bowling
10:32 Newspaper Club
12:45 Animal Welfare Club
14:39 Swimming
16:46 Robotics Club
18:50 Musical
20:57 Stage Crew
22:50 Boys Basketball
26 Mar 2015
RMS | It's On Us, PARKK Testing, and Disney Hype

This week's show was hosted by Katie Carr and Zach Fields.

We started off our show this week with the final part of Shawnee High School's rendition of the It's On Us Sexual Assault campaign. Justin O'Donnell created a Shawnee version of the official campaign spot. Next, David Thomas trained hard for Shawnee High School's latest academic challenge. Our last segment this week was created by Katie Carr. She gave us a punny skit featuring a ton of Disney quotes.

Have fun at JDD and have a great weekend Renegades!
21 Mar 2015
February SOTM

Congratulations to the February Students of the Month.

Freshman: Joe Allan
Sophomore: Grace Gibson
Junior: Anastasia Rock
Senior: Quinn Halpin
19 Mar 2015
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