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Kyle and Lee's Recycling PSA
Click to download Podcast MPEG4 version of the recycling video.

24 Mar 2006
Tuesday Morning Show?
Due to post Wing Bowl stress syndrome and a couple broken bones, Alex Bradford and Liz Roman hosted a rare Tuesday edition of the Renegade Morning Show. The show included a Wing Bowl recap, Craig Schwait's report on the Endzone Fashion show and a segment by Ms. Stevens who spoke candidly about MS.

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22 Mar 2006
Super Sized Morning Show
HSPA week brings our yearly Super-Sized Morning Show, which runs for an hour and six minutes. A variety of segments were all included in the show:

- Sopranos Opening - SHS graduate Dave Vendetta
- Recycling Public Service Announcement - Kyle Grzeszczak and Lee Connolly
- Pippin Interviews - Liz Roman
- Weather - Craig Schwait
- Sports - Gary Halliwell
- March of Dimes - Ian Voglesong and Andrew Sims
- Wing Bowl Trash Talk - Ian Voglesong, Greg Lewis, and Andrew Sims
- Brain Day: The Movie- Mark Sheffler
- Best of the Morning Show (05-06) - Ian Voglesong, Patricia Dunkley, and Andrew Sims
- Best of Sean Harriett - Sean Harriet

Watch the show now (will take a long time to download).
13 Mar 2006
Pippin and Black Out
Friday's show, hosted by Nik Tama and Brian Albert, was very timely with the latest events at Shawnee. Kyle Grzeszczak and senior Lee Connoly covered the Pippin musical. This week's Wing Bowl update was cancelled due to lack of light in the studio. Instead, Kyle and Andrew Sims went around the school to find out how students were dealing with the Black Out of 2006.

Click here to watch now!
06 Mar 2006
Olympics and Wing Bowl II
The two events causing the biggest buzz at Shawnee High School are both featured on this week's show. Nik Tama takes the torch through Medford and brings it to Shawnee, and Jenna Kedersha gives us the latest Wing Bowl news. Plus, several contenders in this year's wing competition trash talk the others (although they all favor Mr. Cappello).
24 Feb 2006
February 2006
This month edition, highlighting a few of the brightest students in Shawnee, talks with Freshman Georgia Hansen, Sophomore Karly Butler, Junior Andrew Massaro, and Senior Meredith Wren. Watch the video in our Students of the Month section.
24 Feb 2006
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