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Shawnee Idol Returns
This Morning's Renegade Morning Show featured the premiere of Shawnee Idol, starring Alex Voglesong, Mason Dewitt, and Maria Pilch. The show was hosted by Alex Voglesong and Craig Schwait.

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26 Jan 2007
Plain Jane.
We re-ran the Office opening.

We showed a commercial made by another school for a cancelled event.

We promoted Nothing But Nets with Nothing But Nonsense.

Craig and Steph host. Andrew directed. Melfi and JP made stuff.

Watch it, I guess.
12 Jan 2007
First Morning Show of 2007
The first Morning Show of 2007 featured special MuggleCast hosts, Andrew Sims and Jamie Lawrence. The show was opened by Gina Sorce, while Mr. Gushue informed the Shawnee audience about "Nothing but Nets." The show was closed with New Years Resolutions from students and staff, produced by Alex Voglesong. Click here to watch.
08 Jan 2007
Andrew Sims and Alex Voglesong host this special 5 year anniversary of the Renegade Morning Show. Chelsea Gregory and Kevin Melfi added the extra holidasy segments and the show featured the same opening it did for Season I, Episode I. Click to View
24 Dec 2006
Brandon Hosts???
The Renegade Morning Show was proud to welcome first time host Brandon Manni, who along with co-host Craig Schwait. Lauren Trump and Kevin Melfi opened the Show with a Blood Drive summary, and Chelsea Geregory added a Shawnee Boys Basketball Promo. JP Bonner closed the show with a Photo Show wrap up. Click to view.
15 Dec 2006
Basketball Practice
Mike Harriett and CJ Kelchner opened the show with a Shawnee Basketball showdown, Kevin Melfi added a Photo Show promo, and Chelsea Gregory hosted a Shawnee Sports update. The show was hosted by Alex Voglesong and Dana Gallagher.

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11 Dec 2006
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