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Blood Drive coverage
The last Morning Show of February, hosted by Becca Sims and Craig Schwait, featured a Super Bowl commercial spin-off made by Kevin Melfi. Kevin also provided live coverage from the 2007 Blood Drive in Shawnee's gymnasium.

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23 Feb 2007
Valentines Day Edition
Today's Morning Show Opened with a collage of the day after Valentines Day, produced by Brandon Manni, and a sweet candy heart stop motion by Irene Roman. Craig Schwait and Steph Albano hosted this fine edition, while Gina Sorce added a weather update. The show was closed by Nik Tama spreading the love around Shawnee! Kevin Melfi also found his true iFlirtz love! Click here to watch!
16 Feb 2007
Irene Roman and Craig Schwait host this rousing edition of the Morning Show. The LOST opening was produced by Alex Voglesong, while Mason Dewitt, Gary Haliwell and Andrew Sims produced the iFlirtz closing. Click here to watch!
09 Feb 2007
Groundhog's Day
Andrew Sims and Alex Bradford hosted our first Morning Show of February, which celebrated Ground Hog's Day and included a new edition of Shawnee Idol. Click here to watch the show now!
02 Feb 2007
TV Show Opening Remakes
Here are some classic RMS TV Show Opening Remakes:
RMS: CSI - Steve Pilch
Brady Bunch - Stefani Migiani
Sopranos - Dave Vendette
The Twilight Zone - Sarah Kreider
Survivor - Dave Vendette
RealWorld - Sarah Kreider
Knight Rider - Robert Neabor
Mad Tv -
Fresh Price - Joe Devine
Power Rangers - JJ Horigan
Saved By The Bell - Jenna Kedersha
Monday Night Football - Bill Richardson
01 Feb 2007
Shawnee Idol Returns
This Morning's Renegade Morning Show featured the premiere of Shawnee Idol, starring Alex Voglesong, Mason Dewitt, and Maria Pilch. The show was hosted by Alex Voglesong and Craig Schwait.

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26 Jan 2007
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