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12 Sep 2007
Andew Sims Leaves for College
It's official. Despite my best efforts, Andrew left for college today. Be among the first to email him in his new life.

30 Aug 2007
Half Off
Andrew Sims and Mason DeWitt hosted the second to last Morning Show of the year! An RMS version of CSI, produced by Steve Jones and Dan Gutekunst, opened the Show. Mason tried his hand at selling shirts, while Andrew gave Shawnee a preview of the Yearbook.
Watch the show now!
08 Jun 2007
Wing Bowl Wrap Up
Gary Halliwell and Chelsea Gregory hosted the first Morning Show of June which was a wrap up of the third annual Wing Bowl. The eating compition was accurately covered by Brandon Manni, crowning Chris Connolly as champion. Closing with the adolescence of Andrew and Becca Sims, with a little Chuck Hovanic on the side. Watch the show now!
01 Jun 2007
Wing Bowl Madness
Wing Bowll III was the BIG news of today's special show! Hosts Mr. and Ms. Cappello pumped up Shawnee students and staff for the annual event. Watch the show now!
31 May 2007
Powder Puff Power
On this episode of the Renegade Morning Show, Andrew Sims and Alex Voglesong hosted with Powder Puff Power! An Art Show wrap up opened the show while a Wing Bowl promo closed it. Several male members of the Cheerleading Squad came out to show off their team spirit.
Watch the show now!
25 May 2007
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