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Shawnee Extra 2015 Spring Edition

0:17 Boys Baseball
2:28 Boys Lacrosse
4:36 Driving Simulators
6:45 Boys Track and Field
8:52 Spring Stage
11:04 Mural Club
13:09 Boys Golf
15:19 Culinary Club
17:28 Boys Tennis
15 Jun 2015
RMS | Rube Goldberg, Hanging Out, and Short Films

This week's show was hosted by Justin O'Donnell and Katie Carr.

We started our show with an insightful graphic opener by Sean Scannell. First up for our segments was a recap of the AP Physics 1's Rube Goldberg, it was really epic. With summer just around the corner, Dylan Tollefson and Nadiv Steinberg attempted to find some Shawnee teachers willing to hang out with them. Afterwards, we took a look at some of this year's TV Broadcasting Technology short films. First up was a short film by Tech 2 about time travel and fatherhood. Then, we displayed the Tech 3 short film about overcoming self inhibitions through dance. Lastly, we took a look at the other Tech 2 short film about dreams, but with a darker, redder twist.

Have a studious weekend Renegades!
12 Jun 2015
RMS | More Longjohn Questions and Art Show

This week's show was hosted by Victor Flamini and Madison LaPlante.

Ben Longjohn started off our show this week with another edition of his befuddling questions. Next Veronica Robertson gave us a trailer of An Evening of the Arts, a 15 minute piece on this year's annual art show. Veronica interviewed many talented photographers, painters, fashion designers, and filmmakers and explored their inspirations and intricacies of their talents. Check out the full version of An Evening of the Arts here on ShawneeTV next week.

Have a fab weekend Renegades!
05 Jun 2015
RMS | PowderPuff, #MDW, Color Guard, and Awkward Interviews

This week's show was hosted by Veronica Robertson and Sean Herb.

The annual PowderPuff football game happened yesterday and it was an awesome time. David Hamaty was there to cover the event. Congratulations to the senior class who came out victorious yesterday evening. David Hamaty, Dylan Tollefson, and Nadiv Steinberg tried to find new ways to have fun on their memorial day weekend; it was funny. Shawnee High School's color guard is looking for new members. Hunter Smith created a nice promo about them. Austin Marsdale had a fun, and awkward time at this year's annual Renegames. Check out what happened in this episode of Awkward Interviews!

Have a great weekend renegades!
29 May 2015
RMS | Jellybean Roulette and Summer Heat Solutions

This week's RMS was hosted by Matt Carpenter and Kelsey Haines.

We started off our show this week with a cold opener from Matt Carpenter. Justin O'Donnell and Sean Scannell found some weird jellybeans and shared them with ShawneeTV, hilarity and disgust ensued in Jellybean Roulette. This version aired is the uncut, 7.5 minute long version, as opposed to the trailer aired to Shawnee during the taping of this RMS. Next, Zach Meyer gave us five great ways to beat the brutal summer heat we should see this next week, take notes!

Have a sweet weekend and a great Memorial Day Renegades!
22 May 2015
RMS | Renegames, Fears, and the Addam's Family

This week's show was hosted by David Hamaty and Madison LaPlante.

We started off our show this week with a cool polaroid themed opener from Blair Brinster. Next, we took it to a recap of last week's annual Renegames by Justin O'Donnell. Congratulations again to our seniors, the Class of 2015! The five second interview gang had a hard time finding out what Shawnee's greatest fears were, it was still funny though. Talon Lauriello and Robert Wagner gave us a feature on this year's Spring Show, the Addam's Family, it's shaping up to be a great production!

Have a spiffy weekend Renegades!
15 May 2015
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