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The Photo Show Extended Report
Will Millar produced this extended Shawnee Extra standalone news piece. The show documents the Photo Club and their bi-annual photo show at Vaugn Hall. Mr. Christian Hochenberger and several members of the photo club narrate the viewer through a collection of exceptional images. Click to view.
19 Feb 2008
Valentines Edition
Today, a long time relationship between hosts Craig Schwait and Steph Albano was ended. But while Craig is deeply depressed, Steph seems to have meet up with Cupid! Ethan Lechner was also struck by Cupid's arrow as he expressed his love to Gina Sorce with Meat Sticks. Tyler Coskery created a "How to be a Perfect Valentine," segment, while Steve Leacock produced a special Valentine's Day closing. Watch Now!
14 Feb 2008
Birthday Bash
Hosts Alyssa Marsdale and Stefan Haller anchored this birthday episode of the Renegade Morning Show. A Fiddler on the Roof segment promoted the upcoming spring drama production, while Meg Daly got pumped for a big meet against Cherokee. Finally, the show closed with a look into how Meat Sticks were made. Click to view.
08 Feb 2008
Blood Drive Promo
In order to encourage students and faculty to sign up for the February Blood Drive at Shawnee, Brandon Manni created a video that showed the turn outs from previous years. Watch the show now!
07 Feb 2008
Meat Stick Madness
Today's show opened with a Shawnee montage made by Steph and Jake Albano, while hosts Tyler Coskery and Steve Leacock talked about the upcoming events, and the groundbreaking TSA meat stick fundraiser. Finally, the show closed with a sophomore cotillion commercial produced by CJ Kelchner, Matt Trivieri, and Mike Harriet. Click to view.
07 Feb 2008
Superbowl XLII
The big news on today's show was Superbowl XLII! Hosts Alex Bradford and Tara Kelly showed their support for their respective teams by not only creating the Superbowl themed opening, but also by wearing their team's jerseys. FCA produced a commercial for the upcoming district wide showdown. Finally, the Groundhog's Day closing was produced by Steve Jones and Tyler Coskery. Click to view.
01 Feb 2008
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