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Shawnee Extra 7.2 - FINALLY!
The latest episode of Shawnee Extra made its way onto the LDTV schedule this week. The show features hosts Steph Albano and Cody Panetta. Segments include construction updates, a look at the weight room, and several winter sports features. Click to view.
03 Mar 2008
NYC Trip 2008
On February 27th, the students from ShawneeTV traveled to NYC to see "The Farnsworth Invention" on Broadway. Click for pictures.
29 Feb 2008
Fiddler on the Roof
Hosts Adam Zweibaum and Tara Kelly were dressed in appropriate attire: Fiddler on the Roof. Adam dressed as Yussel, and Tara dressed as Hodel, in honor of the opening night of the play. The show opened today with a Fiddler on the Roof rap made by Alyssa Rizzitello. The segment today was made by Adam Zweibaum and was a promo for Fiddler on the Roof featuring some singing and dancing during practice. Finally, the show closed with a Volleyball Tournament wrap-up made by Alyssa Marsdale. Click to view.
29 Feb 2008
Cotillion Wrap Up
This episode opened with a wrap up of the Sophomore Cotillion, while Becca Sims and Amanda Martin hosted the show. Steve Leacock added a final "Fiddler on the Roof" segment, and Brandon Warech produced the Buddies Club closing. Click to view.
27 Feb 2008
Mens Swimming Edition
Hosts Steph Albano and Alex Bradford congratulated the mens swim team on their win against Haddonfield yesterday, crowning them the South Jersey division B champions. Members of the team were here to present the trophy to Mr. Campbell. The opening today was about the swim team's victory, and was made by Steph Albano. Steve Leacock made another fiddler on the roof segment. Click to view.
20 Feb 2008
Cub Scouts Return

Two local cub scout groups stopped by Shawnee last Friday to tour the television studio. The scouts were treated to a special tour and made their own show titled "Cub Scout News." The Shawnee TV crew guided the Lenape District Class of 2019 through all the crew positions and even performed a sample Renegade Morning Show. Click for Photos.
20 Feb 2008
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