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Brain Day
This edition of the Renegade Morning Show featured veteran host Alex Bradford and first timer Tyler Birson. We opened with a Mr. Shawnee Recap created by Alex Bradford and Gina Sorce. Followed by a Brain Day Promo produced by Becca Sims and Tyler Birson, and we closed with a construction update from Alex Bradford and Mr. Campbell.

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20 Mar 2008
St. Patricks Day - 4th Show in a row!
This special St. Patrick's Day morning show started with a stop motion Saint Patrick's Day segment produced by Alyssa Marsdale. Alyssa also made a special St. Patrcik's Day closing. And for those keeping score, this was a record breaking 4th RMS in a row. Host were Alex Bradford and Alyssa Marsdale. Click to view.
17 Mar 2008
Another Morning Show First
On this Special Pi Day Morning Show which was 3rd Morning Show produced in one week, a monumental accomplishment for the RMS Crew. the Show opened with Pi Day segment created by Alyssa Marsdale and was followed by a segment about Pi Day created by Steph Albano. We had special guest Mike Mills who won Mr. Shawnee 2008 with clips of Mr. Shawnee by Gina Sorce. The Show closed with yet a third Pi Day segement produced by Steve Leacock, Host were Mrs. Pi-Lumbo aka Steph Albano and Octo-Pi aka Craig Schwait. Click to view.
14 Mar 2008
Special Thursday Morning Show
This special Thursday edition of the Morning Show, opened with Mr. Shawnee featuring Steve Leacock created by Steph Albano, with hosts Steph Albano and Adam Steels chair warmer Steve Leacock. With special guest Mrs. Dimick and ended with a promo for Mr. Shawnee produced by Steph Albano. Click to view.
14 Mar 2008
Mr. Shawnee
On this Wednesday edition of the Renegade Morning Show, opened a jog through Shawnee created By Steve Mathis and Steph Albano, with host Brain McCormick and Mike Mills, and ended with yet another montage of last year's Mr. Shawnee. Click to view.
14 Mar 2008
Mr. Shawnee on the Roof
This edition of the Renegade Morning Show, Fiddler and Mr. Shawnee were in the news. Hosts Brandon Manni and Jen Russo anchored, while Alyssa Rizzitello and Amanda Martin produced the opening, Alex Bradford made a Fiddler segment, and finally we showed footage of last years Mr. Shawnee. Click to view.
14 Mar 2008
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