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Shawnee TSA 2008 Trip Pictures
Pictures from the 2008 TSA State Conference at TCNJ.
16 Apr 2008
Pollourcop Live
On this edition of the Renegade Morning Show we featured a new band Pollourcop starring Brandon Cohill, Matt "Goose" Triveri, Matt Aromondo, and Adam Ackerman. Hosts were Alex Bradford and Craig Schwait. Click to view.
16 Apr 2008
JDD and Pajamas
On this Friday edition of the Renegade Morning Show, we opened with a short segment from Disney. Cut to a JDD Promo during the break and closed with a Promo for Shawnee Pajama Pants. Host were Alex Bradford and Steph Albano. Click to view.
16 Apr 2008
Radio Invasion
On this Wednesday Edition of the Renegade Morning Show, we opened with a random video montage that ended with a winter holiday themed Morning Show set. Host were Mr. Nemeth and Ms. Menaquale. Click to view.
09 Apr 2008
Live From Disney
The Show opened with a Stop Motion while hosts Tara Kelly and Adam Zweibaum complained about not being in Disney. We had a Live interview from Disney featuring Craig Schwait and Steph Albano. The show ended with a promo for Wing Bowl IV. Click to view.
04 Apr 2008
Live-From Mr. Harris's Van
In this edition host Steph Albano and Craig Schwait hosted from the back seat of Mr. Harris's van. The show opened with a stop motion segment staring Chester Drago. We cut to a segment from student council to announce the winners of the Student/Faciulty basketball game. We also aired a Return of the Meat Sticks segment created by Steve Leacock and closed with a segment on Autism. Click to view.
02 Apr 2008
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