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RMS | Griffin's Thoughts, Live Interview, Sad Pumpkin, and Cheesy Pickup Lines

Matt Carpenter and Kelsey Haines hosted our show this week.

Matt Mathis reopened our Morning Show right as it crashed. Griffin once again gave us his thoughts in another episode of the critically acclaimed series What's Griffin Thinking About. This week Jake Kozmor interviewed Luke Bakanas of the Marching Band Live, about their upcoming show this weekend, good luck to them. Afterward, Aiden Vogel premiered a touching stop motion film about a pumpkin boy and his parents. Dylan Tollefson and Sam Lynam rounded out our show with a great MOTS about cheesy pick up lines.

Thanks for watching and stay Spoopy Renegades! Almost to Halloween!
16 Oct 2015
RMS I Wing Bowl, 5 Seconds Back to School, and Shattered Skin

This week our show was hosted by Kevin Slickmeyer and Griffin Flake. Zach Meyer also gave us a fresh and amazing new graphics package for our Show.

Zach Meyer gave us some eye opening excitement to start our show! Matt Mathis showed us Mr. Blaszczyk's training experience for redemption in the upcoming Wing Bowl. The 5 Second Interview crew decided to take on Back to School Night and help some parents embarrass their kids. Closing our show Talon Lauriello gave us the inside look on a local band Shattered Skin.

Thanks for watching!

Special thanks to humble for providing the music to our intro and closing shots!
13 Oct 2015
RMS I Griffin, Cross Country, and Baking

This week's show was hosted by Hunter Smith and Sean Herb.

Our show opened with quite the show stopper. This week we got to learn what Griffin was thinking about. Next, we saw a look into the cross country team from two of it's members. Finally, Veronica taught us how to bake some delicious pumpkin bread.

We'd like to thank Talon Lauriello for DJ'ing our show this week.

Welcome to October Renegades, enjoy the pumpkin spice!
05 Oct 2015
RMS | Thanks Dave, Mr. Campbell, and IOS 9

This week's show was hosted by Co-V.P's of Shawnee TV Zach Meyer and Robert Wagner.

The Opener to our show was a time defying card show made by Zach Meyer. First up, Dylan and Nadiv came back strong this year with their wacky antics in a flattering short film called Thanks Dave. This week's live interview was with Mr. Campbell; Shawnee High School's principal, we asked him a little bit about the new schedule. Closing our show this week was an information piece about the new IOS 9 update.

Have a great weekend Renegades and welcome to Fall.
25 Sep 2015
RMS | Scuba, Marching Band Interview, and Football

Today's show was hosted by Matt Carpenter and Veronica Robertson.

First up Sean Herb got certified for scuba diving grabbed his go pro and got us some gnarly footage. Next, Hunter Smith interviewed Cassie Magee, one of the three drum majors of the marching band about marching band's upcoming competition this weekend. Lastly, Veronica Robertson gave us a recap of Shawnee's first home football game.

Enjoy your weekend Renegades!
18 Sep 2015
RMS I Frosh Fest, Cars, and Live Interview: Season 15 Premiere

Our season 15 premiere was hosted by David Hamaty and Kelsey Haines.

Zach Meyer opened our show with a welcome back animation. Next, David Hamaty went to Frosh Fest and recapped the event for us. Justin Boswick showed us a cool car show. Then, we did our first live interview with Mike Welsh the QB of Shawnee's Two time state championship Football team, he told us about his plans for tonight's first home game as well as the upcoming season. Last, Matt Carpenter and Hunter Smith are back with 5 second interviews at Frosh Fest.

Come out to the Football game tonight to support the Renegades and have a fantastic first weekend, Go Gades!
11 Sep 2015
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