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Picture Day!
The third show of the season kicked off with an advertisement for "Picture Day" produced by Steve Leacock and Kyle Smith. J.J. Bunn and Lauren Mathis make a debut appearance as hosts for the Renegade Morning Show.
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17 Sep 2008
Renegade Morning Show Football Promo
The second show of the year showed some humor and school spirit to promote the Shawnee vs. Cherokee football game. Steve Leacock and Alyssa Rizzitello hosted and Kyle Smith and Steve Leacock continue their production comedy campaign. The show was filmed with old studio gear, then edited together due to equipment repair. Mr. Pistone, Sean Crowley, Brandon Manni, and Steve Mathis have their hands full with upkeep and troubleshooting. More soon. Click here to watch.
12 Sep 2008
Season 8
The Renegade Morning Show crew welcomed all of the new freshmen and faculty to the Shawnee Family for the first morning show of Season 8. Becca Sims and Amanda Martin hosted this special show. New equipment caused some technical difficulties but the show aired all announcements and 3 student produced segments. The studio is undergoing a technical overhaul with many pieces of equipment sent out for repair. Click here to watch.
11 Sep 2008
Good Bye and Good Luck to Mr. Cappello!
Leaving Shawnee High School a year ago put a lot of things in perspective for me. Mainly, it made me realize just how great of a teacher Mr. Cappello is.

I went to a certain University this past year and tried out their TV program. What surprised me, and amazed me, was that the students at Shawnee were actually better at television production than the University students.

At Shawnee, camera shots were steadier. Audio was mixed the right way. Microphones were properly handled. Videos were edited using professional techniques. Crews were dedicated and trained like they should be. And it's all thanks to Mr. Cappello.

All of this made me realize how lucky I am to have fallen in to Shawnee's TV program. There's nowhere else you can get a TV education like this. It was really a privilege to be a part of, and that was in thanks to the dedication of the students and teacher.

I could go on and on about the impact Mr. Cappello made on hundreds of students, but I think if you take a look at everything this site has to offer, you'll see what a great teacher he was.

On behalf of everyone who's been a part of the one-and-only Shawnee Television program, I wish Mr. Cappello the best of luck in his future at Maple Shade. Everyone there will be lucky to have such an intelligent and inspiring person working with them.

Andrew Sims

and the rest of Shawnee TV.
30 Jun 2008
One Last Goodbye.
Pictures from the post graduation party held in A-111.
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17 Jun 2008
The end of an era.
This was Mr. Cappello's last Renegade Morning Show. Alex Bradford and Mike Hammelef host this special show from the mysterious Studio C. Mr. Campbell, Craig Schwait, Stef Albano, and Mr. Harris all stop by to say hello.
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17 Jun 2008
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