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RMS 2010
Tyler Coskery and Lauren Mathis host the first show of 2010. Opening was produced by Sean Crowley. Mr. Campbell made an appearance to promote guest speaker Alan November. Megan Swiatkowski chairs the Shawnee TV charitable donation called Teens for Jeans. Steve Mathis produced the Boys Basketball Blue Crew Rally Towel Givaway. Brandon Beringer and Brett Yoncak produced the Shuffelpuck Documentary.

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08 Jan 2010
Special Holiday Episode
The show, hosted by Tyler Coskery and Steve Mathis, kicked off with another Elf Yourself snowball fight. Andy Kirkwood, Mike Moraglia, and Mike Pridgen produced a segment asking students what they are doing over winter break. We closed with Chris Halliwell's basketball promo. Happy Holidays everyone!

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23 Dec 2009
Live Band: UFT!
Renegade Morning Show Elfs open the show. Ryan Fitzgerald and Megan Skiatkowski host. UFT made it funky.

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18 Dec 2009
Elf Yourself
As the winter break draws closer, the RMS set takes on a more festive appearance. Today's show opened with an Elf Yourself Dance, and Real Life Parody, a student band, rocked the set before hosts Megan Swiatkowski and Wayne Wanzor kicked off our daily announcements. Rachel Goodfriend and Matt Kulak gave us a look at the Amnesty International Coffee House, and Steve Mathis and Brandon Warech produced the photo show segment. The show closed with another Real Life Parody performance.

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11 Dec 2009
UFT Rocks the RMS Set
Hosted by Gabe Gollub and Lauren Carr, today's show was kicked off by Brandon Warech's promo for the winter basketball season. The Ukrainian Fish Tales, a student band here at Shawnee, performed live, making their Renegade Morning Show debut. We congratulated the student body for contributing to the Christmas card collection for Noah, and Lauren Mathis produced the blood drive segment. The show ended with another UFT performance, and Greg Streep gave us a look at the Shawnee Club Ice Hockey Team.

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04 Dec 2009
Blue and White Night Recap
Tyler Coskery and Megan Swiatkowski host today's show. Sean Crowley produced the opening. Also, as special message from the Knowledge Bowl Team announcing their win. The Shawnee Crew produced a quick recap of Blue and White Night, look for the DVD soon. The show closed with a promo for Diversity Day produced by Rachel Goodfriend and Grace Kinney.

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25 Nov 2009
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