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Happy Birthday Ms. Weeast!
Jake Albano and Ryan Fitzgerald paid tribute to one of Shawnee's finest teachers on her birthday, Happy Birthday Ms. Weeast! Tyler Coskery and Kara Tabor host today's show along with our special guest, Mr. Campbell, who had an reminder for students to stay safe while driving in the parking lots. Ryan Fitzgerald and Mr. Krisch produced the segment for TSA and Megan Swiatkowski produced the sports physicals segment.

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05 Feb 2010
I'm Sayin' all the Sophomores Know, Know...
Last Friday's show kicked off with another look at the Crystal Apple Awards Essay Contest, before Meg Swiatkowski and Wayne Wanzor gave us the latest announcements. The Shawnee TV crew produced a segment to encourage Shawnee students and staff to bring their wireless devices to the Alan November presentation, and we closed with the Shawnee TV Tik Tok remix to get the Sophomores pumped for Cotillion!

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02 Feb 2010
Filmfest Blue Carpet Special
Steve Mathis designed an excellent graphics package in After Effects for Filmfest 2010 which were featured in today's show opening. Today's hosts were Brandon Beringer and Lauren Carr. Ryan Fitzgerald and Tyler Adams produced the LRHSD Volunteer Award ad and Gabe Gollub, Melissa Storm, Megan Swiatkowski, Wayne Wanzor, and Brandon Warech produced the Blue Carpet Special to wrap up Filmfest.

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22 Jan 2010
Film Fest 2010!
Last night, Shawnee TV hosted the 2010 Shawnee Film Festival. Every year as part of a class project, Communications Technology 3 students produce short films. Those films, along with other submissions from the Shawnee High School community are shown at our annual film festival. We had a great audience and would like to thank everyone for coming out to support the film makers.

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21 Jan 2010
Shawnee TV Is Ready To Party
Megan Swiatkowski, Melissa Storm, and Lauren Mathis got today's Renegade Morning Show started with a Sophomore Cotillion promo. Hosts, Steve Mathis and Melissa Storm, were rudely interrupted by a mysterious stranger, giving the school a brief insight into the upcoming Shawnee TV Film festival. We got a preview of the Crystal Apple Awards Essay Contest, and Ryan Fitzgerald and Mr. Krisch gave us their top 10 movies from the decade.

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15 Jan 2010
RMS 2010
Tyler Coskery and Lauren Mathis host the first show of 2010. Opening was produced by Sean Crowley. Mr. Campbell made an appearance to promote guest speaker Alan November. Megan Swiatkowski chairs the Shawnee TV charitable donation called Teens for Jeans. Steve Mathis produced the Boys Basketball Blue Crew Rally Towel Givaway. Brandon Beringer and Brett Yoncak produced the Shuffelpuck Documentary.

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08 Jan 2010
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