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First RMS For The New Year!
Melissa Storm and Lauren Mathis host the first show of 2011! They introduce the first segment produced by Ryan Sims and Brandon Harris, asking the Shawnee body for their New Year's Resolutions! Afterwards, Megan Swiatkowski promotes the Teens For Jeans Charity, in which jeans are collected for needy teens! The goal for this year is 150 pairs of jeans! To close the show up, a promo for the Midterms was produced, advocating the importance of studying! Stay tuned for the New Year!

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07 Jan 2011
Happy Holidays from the RMS Crew!
Vince Tascione opens up the show with an awesome Pond Hockey Promo! Afterwards, Kara Tabor and Megan Swiatkowski host the show! We asked Shawnee if they were excited for the holidays. In the middle of the show, the 10 days of Shawnee TV was sung! Happy Holidays!

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23 Dec 2010
Two Very Well Dressed Hosts!
Today's show opened up with a really cool shadow intro! Gabe Gollub and Ryan Sims were both dressed nicely and decided to host today's show together! Ryan Snowden made a promo for the today's Spirit Assembly, and man will it be loud and crowded! Mr. Jacoby presents two Wacky Skills for the Week! And to close the show, Andy Kirkwood and Max Smith produced another great Youtube Video of the Week!

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21 Dec 2010
Melissa CANNOT lick her elbow!
Mike Moraglia and Mikey Conover created an astonishing stop motion intro and Lauren Carr and Melissa Storm host the show. Next, Megan Swiatkowski, produced a promo for tonight's annual Shawnee Photo Club Photo Show. For this weeks "Wacky Skill of the Week" Max Smith licks his elbow.... Melissa on the other hand cannot. To close up the show, Jay Mack produced an informative commercial raising awareness for the Keys for Cash pragram!

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10 Dec 2010
Snowmen Intros, Wacky Skills, and Recaps, oh my!
On today's show, segments were aplenty! Brett Yoncak opened up the show with his "shot in one period" snowman stopmotion! Megan Swiatkowski creeped us all out with her take on a snowman intro! Afterwards, Kyle Maroon showed off his "unique" (to say the least ) Wacky Skill of the Week! Andy Kirkwood informs Shawnee on how it can help provide gifts for all of those families that just can't make it past the holidays alone! We can make the difference! To finish off the show, we got two recaps of Shawnee events, Diversity Day and Blue and White Night! Enjoy the show!

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06 Dec 2010
Morning Show Goes Widescreen!
On today's widescreen edition of the Renegade Morning Show, Kara Tabor and Wayne Wanzor Host the show! Today was a sad, sad day for Wayne.... his Team lost Blue and White Night. start the show, Mrs. Kelley promotes today's event: Diversity Day! Afterwards, Jake Danley and John Hager asked Shawnee what it's favorite part about Thanksgiving was. Next, Austin Molocznik asks Shawnee what they're thankful for! Lastly, Lauren Carr asks the students and staff for their best turkey gobbles!

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24 Nov 2010
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