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Shawnee Extra Fall 2015

00:18- Girls Cross Country
02:33- Animal Welfare Club
04:47- Fall Drama
06:53- Kids for Wish Kids Club
08:57- Robotics
11:12- Girl's Field Hockey
13:25- Shawnee Marching Band
15:38- Girl's Gymnastics
06 Jan 2016
RMS | Memorial Memories, Homeroom Headlines, and Student Section

This week's show was hosted by David Hamaty and Lena Herman.

The Memorial Middle School Homeroom Headlines classes came to view our show and our program as a live audience, thanks again for stopping by.
To start off our show we had some Shawnee students reminisce about their favorite moments and memories from Memorial. We took the opportunity to engage the Homeroom Headlines kids into our show with a live interview by Talon Lauriello, he asked them about middle school and their program. Closing out our show David Hamaty jumped into the stands and gave us a look into the Shawnee Student Section.

Have a fantastic weekend Renegades!
11 Dec 2015
RMS | Jenga, POTW, and States

This week's show was hosted by Sean Herb and Talon Lauriello.

Tovly decided to splurge for the holidays and order Giant Jenga, Shawnee TV got the chance to play for Glory! POTW returned, thanks to all the talented photographers for their pictures. Closing out our show we had a promo for states this weekend, good luck to the Renegades at Rowen this weekend for states!

Have a great weekend Renegades!
04 Dec 2015
SOTM October

Congratulations to the following SOTM Winners!

Freshman - Alyssa Curilla
Sophomore - Noa Potoczak
Junior - Molly Baechler
Senior - Julianna Sandell
01 Dec 2015
RMS | Blue and White Night Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving Show was hosted by Dylan Tollefson and Nadiv Steinberg.

Blue and White night happened last week and Sean Herb, Matt Mathis, Robert Wagner, and Talon Lauriello were there to cover it. Congrats to the White team. Along with the Blue and White Night recap Talon interviewed the two head captains of the Winning White team, Saber Bernat and Johnny Johnson. Closing out our festive Thanksgiving show Dylan and Nadiv went around to ask people what their most thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving Renegades!
30 Nov 2015
RMS I Homecoming, Blue and White Night/Interview, and Easy Space

This week our show was hosted by Matt Carpenter and Kevin Casciato.

Jumping right into our show, since homecoming is this weekend The 5 Second Interview Crew is asking the school to homecoming. Following it up Matt Mathis gave us a promo for Blue and White Night, speaking of Blue and White Night David Hamaty was able to interview two of the head captains this year Sammy Silvestro and Johnny Johnson live on the show! Closing out our show today Dylan Tollefson informed us about a very useful and much needed product.

Have a wonderful weekend Renegades!

Thanks to SoySauce for the use of his song in this week's show during our Credit Camera Shot.
20 Nov 2015
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