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Classic Cartoons, Hide and Seek, Chioma Says
This week, Chris Biehn starts us off with his Cool Biehns opener. Brandon Harris asked Shawnee Students what their favorite classic cartoons are, and Connor and Zach play hide and seek. Finally, this week brings the premiere of the first ever episode of Chioma Says.

16 Oct 2012
This week is packed with FRESH segments!
This week brings Shawnee another great edition of the Renegade Morning Show! Today's extremely smooth show was directed by FRESHMAN Tovly Deutsch, the FIRST freshman to direct the Renegade Morning Show! This week featured the Sneak Peek of the FCCLA PSA series, we meet the parents at Back to School Night. Tovly Deutsch produced his first segment, "Wonders of the World Wide Web." Senior Jason Macukewicz and Junior Chris Giuseppini asked students what their first act as President of the United States would Be. Finally, we close the show with a Chess Club promo produced by Brad Teske. Have a wonderful 3-Day Weekend!

07 Oct 2012
Like, lots of umm segments.
On this edition of the Renegade Morning Show, Braedon Yoncak debuts along side senior host Gabi Flamini. The show starts off with an awesome gymnastics segment. Eileen Kenny Produced the "Like" or "Umm" segment. We take a look at last weeks spirit assembly, and a promo for Shawnee TV's hosting tryouts on Tuesday.

28 Sep 2012
This week's show was hosted by Liz Minder and Alex White. Students were asked to describe their lives in a hash tag. Gabi Flamini asks students what they would want as a new app or update for their iPhones, and "Jackson the Olympian" brings home the gold in this year's Shawnee Olympics. We closed the show with a promo for ReacTV by Ali Reid and DJ Tourney.

21 Sep 2012
Graphics, Courtyard, and Connor!
We kick off the three day weekend with another awesome edition of the Renegade Morning Show. Brad Teske starts off the show with a new opening graphic, Brandon Harris, Braedon Yoncak, and Colin White show us that the best way to switch classes is through the courtyard, and Connor reminisces of his summer at Shawnee.

View the full show in the player below!

14 Sep 2012
Renegade Morning Show Season 12!
Welcome back! Shawnee TV studio was busy late Thursday evening preparing a new set design. Ali Reid and Tanner Fuimaono host todays show. Jason Macukewicz, Brad Teske, Gabi Flamini, Ali Reid, Brandon Harris, Braeden Yoncak, Eileen Kenny and, Liz Minder helped produced the show segments featuring freshmen orientation.

07 Sep 2012
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