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RMS I Past Selves, January Recap, Star Wars, and Funky Fruits

This week's show was hosted by Tovly Deutsch and Rob Wagner.

This week our show started off with the 5 Second Interviews crew as they went around to ask the school what they would tell their past selves. Blaire Brinster, Hannah Brown and Grace Hill showed us some of January's great events. Talon Lauriello and Pat Konopka retold Star Wars from an interesting angle. Closing out our show Tovly Deutsch got some kids to try some very Funky Fruits.

Thanks for watching!
Have a swell weekend Renegades!
22 Feb 2016
RMS | No Good and Ster Wers
This show from January 15th was hosted by Matt Carpenter and Mr. Provost, a.k.a the Patriots duo.

Talon Lauriello found another good band called No Good and took us backstage to find out more about them. Zach Meyer, Griffin Flake, Kevin Casciato, and Rey Wheaton got into the classic Star Wars debate Jedi vs Sith.

Thanks for Watching!

Have a fantastic 3 day break Renegades.
22 Feb 2016
RMS I SHS Cribz, 600 Wins, & Voice Jammer

This week's show was hosted by Talon Lauriello and Veronica Robertson.

Mr. Campbell was gracious enough to show us around his "crib" and displayed some of his favorite possessions. This week we had a spectacular live interview with Mr. Kessler about his 600th win as a Basketball coach. Closing out our show Zach, Rey, Griffin, and Matt tried out the voice jammer challenge.

Thanks for watching and happy second semester Renegades!
04 Feb 2016
RMS I Top 10 Days of the Week, Music Lessons, and Whisper Challenge

This week's super show was hosted by David Hamaty and Hunter Smith.

David Hamaty went through an interesting learning experience about the days of the week. Talon Lauriello taught us something making music with a laptop. Closing out our show Anthony Zizzamia challenged the STV crew to a round of the whisper challenge.

Thanks for watching!
Enjoy the snow Renegades.
02 Feb 2016
January Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following Student of the Month Winners!

Freshman - Jacob Kozmor
Sophomore - Drew Brennan
Junior - Kiernan Snow
Senior - Patrick Hurley
22 Jan 2016
RMS I New Years

This Year's show was hosted by Zach Meyer and Talon Lauriello.
Our show this week was all about New Year's, Talon Lauriello and Blaire Brinster went around to see what everyone's New Years Resolution was.

Happy New Years Renegades!
19 Jan 2016
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