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Magic Keyboards and Inside the Musical
This week, Sean Scannell makes his debut hosting along side Ali Reid. First we take it to another episode of Shawnee Speed Script. Next, Brandon Harris shows us the wonders of his magic keyboard. Then, we revisit last year's Singing Valentines. Finally, Zach McHale shows us what goes on inside the musical.

01 Feb 2013
Opposite hands and Awkward Reporters
We start off this week's show with a new episode of Shawnee Speed Script. Next we see what happens when technology rebels, and finally we close the show with Ryan, Snowden and Mars asking Shawnee all different kinds of questions.

18 Jan 2013
Zach to the Future!!
On this edition of the Renegade Morning Show, we start off with a fresh This is Shawnee TV episode. What's Important with Boz and Hamaty continues with another episode. Jason Macukewicz wins Shawnee Speed Script... again. Finally, Colin White shows us how his first day back from break went.

11 Jan 2013
New features on!
Full episodes of Shawnee Students of the Month and Shawnee Extra are now available on! Be sure to check it out.
08 Jan 2013
Shawnee Extra Fall 2012
08 Jan 2013
Welcome Back!
This week, Gabi and Ryan host the show, we see how they prepare for it. Students and staff are asked what their new year's resolution is, we recap the photo show, Tovly asks what students and staff what their favorite holiday gift is, and Chioma and her friends play sardines.

06 Jan 2013
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